when to search for a wig and where

I am due at Oncologist 22nd July I am triple negative and only treatment is Chemotherapy and Rardiotherapy. My Oncologist may not give me Chemo if my heart condition is not how she wants as there are risks to other body organs with Chemo.  I have appointment with my Cardiologist 21st July so fingers crossed.

I have read a bit of information on Headstart etc. but at what stage do you need to make plans so that you have some headgear if hair loss is as quick as some ladies (1-2sessions Chemo)  Do they do NHS wigs or are they not good. How expensive are they.  Thanksladies all have the best time you can in our circumstances Maggie x

Hi Maggie, I had a NHS voucher for £100 when I met my oncologist. I was told that the chemo regimen I was on would lead to hair loss. Before chemo started I went to a salon, chose a wig and had my hair cut in a similar short style. I don’t know about your chemo regimen but imagine that if it involves hair loss, you will be given same advice and voucher. I felt better knowing that if I did have hair loss, I had a wig ready. I also bought a couple of headscarves from annabanda and suburbanturban (both online). My wig is from a company called Natural Image and does look really good. I’ve only had 1 chemo and have not had to use them yet but, as my hair started falling out on day 19 of my cycle, I don’t think it will be long before I’ll be using both. Hope this helps. Wishing you well with your treatment x

Hi Maggie,

My hospital referred me to two wig places locally. Mine was free completely. They were fab on fitting and made me feel relaxed. Have got pile of scarfs / banadanas I bought, and am alternating. My nurse gave me the info. Seeing how good wigs were made me worry less re hair loss and not bother with cold cap. Good luck x

Hi Maggie, once I’d decided on chemo with onc I was given a voucher. My onc also advised to get my hair cut

‘as short as I can manage’ to give the cold cap the best chance of working.  So, the following week I found a wig that I liked (a salon that was contracted to take NHS wigs) and had my shoulder length hair cut in the same style. I admit, the first 3 wigs I tried were awful (I looked like Esther Rantzen!), but I persevered and found the right one. 


I was told I looked (and felt) 10 yrs younger with my shorter hairstyle. I’m 54 but feel younger by decades, well at least two!


The voucher covered the cost of the wig. It is synthetic but the salon doesn’t use real hair because real hair is such high maintenance - washing, conditioning etc., the salon owner recognised that to maintain a real hair wig when one isn’t feeling well is too much for many women.  


I tried the cold cap on my 1st chemo but struggled with it (not everyone does) and decided I wouldn’t use it again (personal choice) but on day 19 of 1st chemo, my hair started falling out, not in clumps, but all over, not enough for others to notice but it has thinned considerably.  


I feel confident knowing that I have a wig and scarves ready for when I need them. Of course, we’re all different and will suffer more or less hair loss but I think it helps psychologically, emotionally and practically to be prepared.  Wishing you well, take care x






Sorry, forgot to say, my wig took a week to collect after ordering from salon. When the wig came, I had another fitting and had the fringe trimmed to my liking x

Yup I went for similar style…mine took about a week as well as they ordered right fit in. Wig fitters lovely, made it easy. Honestly am out in scarfs etc most of the time and really not had to many odd looks. Easier than I thought.

Hi Maggie, I cut my long hair to Bob length a couple weeks prior to starting chemo. Mainly to get me used to having short hair again but also to lessen the impact of my impending baldness. I had a wig lady at my hospital who was excellent at going through styles etc with me. I’ve got to admit I was dreading it, I’d tried a few wigs on in shops and was surprised how ‘wiggy’ they’d felt considering the £200 price tag. Vicky my wig lady showed me a brochure think the company was called Brown’s and they had some very natural looking wigs in lots of styles so I ordered two in to try out. They came a week later and I have to say I was blown away by the quality. I had to pay an £80 top up on my ‘Terri’ but she was worth it. I’ve had numerous hospital appointments or work events to attend since and no one can tell the difference.

I hope you have an equally positive experience with your hair loss/wig search xx

I am due to start my Chemotherapy on 31st July, and I am going to give the cold cap a go. However, my breast nurse made a wig referral for me as soon as i got my pathology results at the end of June, and they knew I was getting chemo. I saw the hairdresser last Friday and tried on a few styles and then chose the colour and a couple of styles for her to order. They came in yesterday and I am just home with my wig just now. Live in Scotland so don’t have to pay for it, and it’s just lovely. I got my hair cut into a short bob style yesterday to give it more body, and the wig is very similar to my own style now. My wig is a natural image wig, cherish style, and it’s very natural looking. Good luck! Penny x

Firstly remember that not all chemo drugs make your hair fall out. If  you are getting Fec-T it will though but it will start growing back when you are on the T part of the treatment. So  it all depends what your are prescribed. I am also in Scotland and we are given a prescription which covers up wig of up to £200, although they are synthetic they are really good. If the salon/shop you go to don’t have the wig in stock, they will order it in for you and it usually comes within a week. There so many choices of styles and colour that they can’t stock them all. I would start by looking at a few websites for ideas first of all to let you know what is out there. It will help you narrow down your choices. Trendco are a good one to browse through. Like you I wanted it to look like me, it is harder if you have really curly/wavy hair though. I bought scarves etc too, but actually hated wearing them outside as I felt like too much of a victim, so they were a waste of time and money for me - I sold them all on eBay! I think we tend to fall into the wig or scarf categories. Obviously I did without anything while at home though. I am having chemo for the second time at the moment but am trying the cold cap as I don’t want to lose it all again. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

Hope all goes well for you

K M x

To everyone I havent replied to thanks for your advice on Wigs and headwear.   I am not very good on computer and find it difficult to  follow who I have said thanks to…  I am rubbish really:womanlol:

Everyone take care Maggie X


Hiya, okay I’m looking after my scalp with very mild shampoo and body wash. Still got fuzzy bits in places! Oh and chucking on mild moisturiser too. Re going out, please don’t feel scared, I totally get it but my logic is this, cancer takes stuff from you (I’m sat here with one wonky boob post surgery and basically a bald head!!) so don’t give it more!!! Don’t push yourself, but please please go out. I always felt worse sat in missing events etc, and it kinda clicked, this isn’t something to be ashamed off and hide away from the world, I’m fighting and most importantly I’m bloody winning. I’ve maybe been lucky, had no funny looks etc, but at this point I don’t care, I want to be as normal as I can whilst chemo goes on. Take care Maggie and enjoy whatever you go do x

Hi Amberstone, in Milton Keynes where I am being treated the Macmillan unit give a £65.00 grant towards a wig and you take it to a hairdressers that they use for the wig service. I got my first appointment there before I started losing my hair (shaved it off just before second chemo as was falling out all over me and annoying me)I realise will be different in different areas but I ended up paying about £200 for a wig and a hat and the wig stand and expensive stuff to wash the wig in (not sure how necessary that is) There were cheaper wigs and to be honest the hats they sell by a company called Christine are great and I tend to wear mine more than the wig.I 've got a turban type hat and a sun hat with a peak which I really like and I experiment with scarves (not special ones -just tie them up knotting at front vintage style and usually look quite good).If there are any positives to be had in this situation at least it’s quite fun experimenting. Hope you get on fine Amberstone. Its not been too bad I’m on chemo 3 and apart from tiredness and headaches it’s been tolerable. Two good weeks out of three.All the best xx

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