When to worry about aching joints?

Just wanting to know other peoples experiences with aches after treatments and also taking tamoxifen. I’ve had a lot of treatment over the last year, 11 chemo, op,rads and now tamoxifen. Finished taxotere chemo at the end of November and in the last couple of wks have had aches in hip, sometimes knees and ankles. These aches are not there all the time, often after long walk, or if I’ve been on my feet most of the day, also feel like an old lady when getting up if I’ve been sitting for a while! Is this ‘normal’ after chemo and hormone treatment, or should I be mentioning this to my bc nurse? Would love to hear from anyone experiencing anything similar!

I was on a certain brand of tamoxifen for about a year and suffered DREADFUL aching joints (especially hands and feet) and nausea.

I have switched brands and the aches vanished within 24 hours. I still feel nauseous, but at least 50% of the problem’s been solved, and I reckon that’s quite a result!

Still, I’ve just gone through recon (LD flap over Christmas) and am really chuffed with the result, so the nausea can take back seat.

Hi Smiler!

Unfortunately I think it is VERY common after some chemos and tamoxifen - I certainly know a number of people who are suffering as you are, some much worse! I asked on another thread if perhaps chemos are much stronger than they used to be as a friend of mine had BC 19 years ago and had no real side effects and certainly nothing after treatment finished. She is still fine after all this time and no recurrence.

Hi Smiler

I finished chemo in October 9 EC and Tax now onTamoxifen. I had awful aches and pains for the first few weeks especially one of my hips, which really worried me as was convinced it was a met. It has got much better over the last few weeks however, still feel about 90 when I get up (I am 51) but generally 3 months on I am feeling so much better, still get tired but the aches and pains have definitely got less. I did mention to onc and they said all quite normal and suggested Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. I started taking Ibuprofen at night for a week or so and found this helped. I still don’t have my pre diagnosis energy but it is definitely improving as each week goes by.

Sorry to hear you are suffering similar things, however it does help to know you are not alone!
Jules I also have aching in one of my hips and not the other so was beginning to worry and think I should maybe mention it to my onc, it’s not constant, like with other joints, but good to hear yours has got better.
Take care