When will I get my mammogram?!!

Hi ladies, I know I don’t post on here very often, but I really need to get something off my chest.

I was diagnosed with grade 1, stage 1 BC in September 2007, had WLE, 15 rads, and I’m taking Tamoxifen. I am supposed to have a mammogram every year, and I’m now seeing the oncologist every twelve months. Last year, everything was fine, but this year, I am of the opinion that the right hand doesn’t know what the left one is doing! I have an appointment with my onc on the 21st, and, at the beginnning of the month I rang and told them that I had not received an appointment for my mammo. I was told that it was a long way off yet, and not to worry about it! I said I was worrying about it, because it didn’t leave very long for me to have a mammo, and for the results to get back to my onc, before the 21st. A few days later, a nurse in the oncology dept rang me, and said that she’d been speaking to my BCN, and she said that she doubted I’d get an appointment before the 21st now, and that I’d have to come after that for my mammo, and they would send me the results! Naturally, I said was there any point in attending my appointment, as the onc would not have any results to give me, and I was told to go anyway!

Do any of you ladies think I’m being unreasonable, expecting a mammo before my appointment with my onc? It means I’ll have to wait even longer now, at what is always a very stressful time, and I am not very happy with them. I think their attitude sucks, as they virtually dismissed my concerns, and implied that I was being over anxious, but it looks like I was right all along! Grrr!! Give me strength!

you appointments sound a bit different to mine i would see the consultant on the same day as i got my mammo and the results were sent out by post or i was called to come in if there was a problem.

i didnt see an oncologist as mine was a grade 1 stage 1 bc too i only saw the surgeon or the nurse specialist for long term review… they did a breast exam and asked how i was doing and then sent me for the mammo.

maybe you could ask if you can get the mammo on the same day or if they could co-ordinate your appointments so that you could see your onc at a later appt.

hope you get it all sorted out ok