when will it end?

my husband’s granddad has been diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer, possibly spread to his spine.

we’ve had enough!

What can I say, life can be so cruel!
My daughters OHs nan just passed away yest from pancreatic cancer, I was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer(dx breast cancer 2005)
so i kinda know how you feel. Feels like its everywhere touching all of us in one way or another.(some too much) Its so unfair.
Today it is all too much, tomorrow maybe somewhere you will find the strength to cope.
Just wanted to say my heart goes out to you
Love xxx

Hi Poannie

Life is so unfair isn’t it? My dad has prostate cancer and nearly died 6 years ago when his kidneys failed. It looked not very good at all for a while but he is still going quite strong (at 82) though has ongoing treatment and a number of difficulties. His dx (alongside me with my secondary dx) has taken its toll though on the family particularly my mum.

Csn’t really say anything that will help - just the standard take things day by day. SOmeone on here posted about a friend who had said (something like) “you only need enough energy to get through this day” which I quite liked - apologies to whoever it was if I’ve completely misquoted them!

Tae care - sending you a big cyber hug

Kay x

Really sorry to hear. Also kindof know how you feel.

My dad died 10 years ago this week of secondary prostate cancer. He was 85 and had lived well until the last 6 weeks, 7 years after his primary diagnosis. I’m glad he never knew about my breast cancer…

thoughts with you


sorry to hear this. I’ve lost so many of my family to cancer including my 3 yr old niece who died aged 3 and would have been 8 this week. It’s very hard seeing other people/especially family members with cancer.
hope you are Ok as I remember you posting something sd/bad news about yourself. Take care.
Love Kate

x ma in law has just been diognosed with breast cancer ,recently lost sister and bro in law so know what you mean by never ending . seems everywhere you look now cancer is in the news . lynn