when will my body be back to "normal"?

Hi All

I have been on Zoladex for 20 months and i have had to come off it as of the side effects.
They have got so bad I cant even have sex as its causing trauma to my lady bits because of lack of oestrogen, I also have osteoperosis and everything else! anyway it runs out today and im over the moon…does anyone know when my body will start producing oestrogen again? does it happen straight away?


Emily xxxx

Hi think everyone is different and it depends on age etc but I did 2 years of zoladex and my period took 3 month to return. Im now 45. I also struggled with what the doctor called vaginal atrophy due to lack of oestrogen really painful itchy and sore and never found anything that I was happy to take that eased it.

Hi Ladies, it took me 7 years to find this product but it is perfect of ladies with ooestrogen positive breast cancer as it does not contain any oestrogen at all.

ReplensMD - its a vaginal moisturiser. You can buy it in prefilled applicators of 3 or 6 or you can get it in a tube with a separate tube for inserting in case you dont want to use a full application.

When I first found it it wasnt available on the NHS and I was spending nearly £30 per month on it but it was worth every penny and stopped the awful discomfort of dryness. It is now available on prescription so ask your GP and give it a try.

cheers Ann B x

thank you for this info, i am glad there is something out there to use, for dryness, i have oestrogen positive B.C and thought my sex life was practically over. Good news,thank you

When I stopped taking Arimidex three months ago,(because of the s/e) the effects wore off remarkably quickly. The headaches and tiredness disappeared almost straight away. The aches in my joints were almost gone in 10-14 days, just the odd twinge and even they went in about 6 weeks. I didn’t get hot flushes so cannot say how long these take to go. The dryness in eyes sort of went, dryness in nose is still a problem 3 months later and vaginal dryness is improving. However, as I am 61, I don’t know whether these are just symptoms of depleted oestrogen levels because of age rather than residual effects of aromatase inhibitors. My hair (which went very thin and straggly with Arimidex) is much glossier and, after a drastic cut, is now thickening up again.

Best of all, I have lost half a stone without doing anything different to normal.

Can fully endorse what AnnB said - Replens is a lifesaver. I didn’t know you could get it on the NHS tho’ because I have been buying it over the counter from Boots. It is MUCH better than KY jelly, which I also tried because KY just provides a ‘one-off’ slippery coating whereas Replens seems to actually rehydrate all the bits and the effects last longer. I mean repeated use seems to have a lasting effect.