When you have chemo

just a quick one

when you have chemo do you loose waight ??

is this because you feel ill and don’t eat as much ??

sal x

sally, i didn’t lose weight
some people do because… nausea or whatever…
i had steroids so they stimulate appetite. it is important to eat well and sleep lots…so they keep telling me.

take care jennifer x

Hi Sal
.I have lost weight, 2 stone. during 18 weeks of chemo. This was due as well to the steroids raising my blood sugar level so high that I had to inject myself with insulin and felt very ill and unable to eat, even if I could have managed to get up to cook.
Apart from that I did start absolutely determined not to gain weight as I knew that this alone would cause me to be so depressed/. It wasn’t difficult for me, although it had been in the past. Lived on fresh fruit salad. and made sure L had no snacks in the cupboard,
But will I be able to keep to the new size me…mmmmmm!


Just read through my posting and realised that I should have said the insulin thing isn’t the norm. I was just un;ucky and it may well disappear anyway.

I have put on weight during chemo. Possibley due to not being very active and comfort eating. Also I gave up smoking 3 months ago when diagnosed.Not too much though - about 8 lbs. I just keep thinking that any weight gain will go when active again. Sometimes the steroids make you gain weight. Onc didn’t want me to go on any ‘stupid diets’ whilst having treatment. I am half way through chemo now and on xeloda (part of tact 2 trial arm 4). No side effects so far not like epi

Rach xxx

Hiya, I expected to loose weight but after the first few days Ive eaten lots to get rid of slimy taste in mouth and always feel hungrey.

Hi I put on 2 stone, was told down to steroids, had days of not feeling like eating but others where I ate for England


Hi Sal

I have put on a stone, was told by the nurses that it might happen due to the steroids. I am also usally an active person, but due to the chemo not been able to do much. Im not to worried because the weight can be lost once chemo treatment as finished.

kirsty xx

Hi Sal

I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones who lost weight - and I needed to lol - I’m only 4ft 10 - and weighed far too much prior to dx. I’ve lost about a stone so far, mainly due to the fact that nothing apart from fruit tasted very nice -so my diet has improved considerably.

Margaret x

…and my weight stayed just about the same as when I started. I didn’t do anything special, it just worked out that way! Sarah x

Thnk everyones different and it depends on how you react to the chemo - I have lost about ten pounds but think this is more due to the fact that I am more active because I am not working ( I normally sit at a desk for 8 hours a day) and now make sure I walk for an hour a day. I also lose my sense of taste jfor a week or so and eat more healthily during this time the logic being that if I’m not enjoying what I’m eating whats the point of large portions and cakes and chocolate and ice cream and all the other things I love.