Where are my bloomin' eyelashes?!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I finished chemo in December (21st) - 3 x AC and 4 x Taxotere, and my eyelashes and eyebrows are really taking a long time to appear!! I have about 5 eyebrow hairs on each side, and hardly any eyelashes to speak of.

I’m getting so impatient, I thought they’d be long and lushious by now - I’m itching to get the mascara out again.

How long did others have to wait for theirs to return? - please give me some hope!!!


Tracy xxx

Hi Tracy

Ha ! I’m waiting for mine too ! Finished chemo end of November and they are just about coming back now. Can’t wait to get the mascara on the lashes. I keep trying but end up with black eyes. Keep looking at everybody else’s. My hair is the same and have just bought some brewers yeast as seems to have worked for Pineapple whose hair didn’t come back but has since using this. Was also hoping it would help brows and lashes.

We can hope !

Liz xx

Nivea face cream seems to help hair growth!!

On your face ? !

I have noticed that I have a downy hair on my face which I have never, ever had before and have noticed is on a lot of others who have had chemo .

Liz x

I put it on my head and eyebrows every night!
penn1 x

i had my last tax on dec 7th and have just this week noticed my eye lashes are finally making a re-appearance. like all of you i’m so looking forward to the day i can use mascara again…

I shall go out and get a huge tub of Nivea tomorrow!!

I did read that kelp is good for hair growth, but won’t take it until I have spoken to my Onc, my hair looks like a baby birds at the moment and is a mix of black and white. I have spent the last 20 years telling everyone I am a natural dark brunette, now they’re going to know I was lying through my teeth…oh well, they probably never believed me anyway!!

May we all be brandishing our mascara wands very soon!!!

Tracy xxxx

Hi, I was lucky in that I didn’t lose my eyebrows completely, so I was able to pencil them in quite easily. However, my lashes were a different story; I finished Taxotere last June and they are only just starting to look half decent now. I believe what goes last is last to come back and I’ve also heard being on Herceptin slows hair growth. It took my 9 months to get enough hair to be able to get it cut. I was a brunette before, but I’m now very silver and have to say I’m not colouring it as it looks fab. Even the guys at my hairdressers have said so.

Sorry girls, I finished Taxotere back in July 06 and still have really thin eyelashes and brows. Hair back in abundance ever where else.


What really annoys me is that most of the 5 eyebrow hairs I have are the one’s I’d normally pluck anyway.

Tracy xx

Typical - we get hair where we don’t want it ! Mine’s growing everywhere else. I start herceptin on Monday so my hair has now chance then eh ?

Liz x

I just ordered individual fake lashes - I’ve still got 2 more tax to go and I have none left on the bottom and a sparse smattering on the top. It’s a bugger, but will liet you all know the success or not of the fake ones.



Last Chemo on 30 Nov. My eyelashes are long and thick but stick out straight.Went to boots to buy an eyelash curler yesterday.
I had my eyebrows waxed two weeks ago but as Lizzie52 says there is this down on my face!!!
LIZZIE what do we do about it!!!