Where are the south wales crew?

Hi all,

I haven’t been on line for ages and was impressed with all the new sections that are now in use. I was particularly thrilled to see this section and immediately clicked in to have a look if anyone was online from my area.
I was suprised to see that there were no threads from the South Wales area.
I live in Torfaen and receive my treatment in Gwent and Cardiff (complicated story) and would love to share experiences with people who have had treatment in the same areas. I’m well into my journey being three and a half years since diagnosis and it has been a bumpy ride to say the least.
My feeling is that no matter what stage of our treatment were at the common experience binds us together and I feel that i would benefit from sharing my experiences with others.
I sometimes feel like a very small piece in a massive system and this has made me withdraw into myself for months at a time. I am looking at how I can avoid this in the future and came to the website for inspiration.
I know that there is a South Gwent BC support group but cannot pluck up the courage to go alone and have to admit to isolating myself during the early days of my treatment, it was less traumatic not to have to explain the situation all the time.
I just feel that by talking to others who know the consultants, hospitals, good and bad bits, this will help me feel less isolated and small in the grand scale of things. There must be others out there who feel like me and maybe we can get together via the BCC site?
So here goes, I cast the net and hope to hear from somebody in the area soon.

love and fluff,

Lyn x

Hi Lyn,

Just wanted to remind you about the services Breast Cancer Care provides that can help you speak to others affected by breast cancer.

These can be 1:1 or in a group, face to face, through the web site (live chat) or over the phone. Click on related services on the website to find out more, fill in the on-line information requests or call us direct on 0845 077 1893.

It really does help to talk it through with others who understand.

Best wishes, Cam

Thanks Cam,

I will explore the site further to see if what’s happening currently. I did go on one of your days in Pontypridd just after my surgery which I found very reassuring at the time and grounding.
Disappointing to receive no replies, maybe it’s the way we deal with things in our culture, just get on and bear it. Maybe that’s why I feel isolated and at odds with my surroundings on occasions?
I’m doing well adapting to the changes in my life but I’m always aware that things could be easier and that lacking support emotionally is one of the hardest bits to bear. I’m used to shouldering all the responsibility in my family and my well being has a huge bearing on how everybody else feel, hence I have become good at masking things for everyone else’s benefit. I’m looking for somewhere that it’s ok to be just me occasionally. I know I can get advice in other areas of the site and will certainly continue to visit when I feel contact with others who share common experiences would help.
Back to the slow process of changing things in my immediate surroundings and fix on the smile in the mean time.

Many thanks,

Lynwyn x x x

I use this web site quite often. I live near Newport, and had a mastectomy in the Royal Gwent last June.