Where do I go know

Hi All

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. Had WLE, chemo and radiotherapy, then last year diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Had op and chemo. Not the cancer trying to finish me of but the treatment as the chemo made me very ill. I’m now in remmission. Anyway what I want to ask is should I stay on this website (which is great) or use Ovacome for the ovarian cancer.



Hi Toddy - Just seen your posting and hope that by bouncing it up you will get some more replies. You have been through such a lot, as if one or other would not have been challenging enough. Great to read that you are in remission now. I am sure that, like many of us, you could use all the support you can get, wherever it comes from. As far as I can tell this site is wonderful for anyone who has ever had breast cancer, and we are all here for each other whether you want a moan, or a virtual hug, or to talk about another condition - or the weather, the family or anything else. So please stay here with us (you say it is helpful), and there will alway be someone here for you. You can use Ovacome as well of course. Not an either/or situation. For once it’s not something we have to make a choice about - just dip in and out as it takes your fancy! Sarah xx

Sorry - I missed your post when it appeared - thanks Seabird for bumping it up again. I agree with Sarah - use both sites. There is nothing that says once you are in remission you get chucked out. If you find this site helpful to you then stick around.

Glad that you are in remission. You’ve certainly not had the easiest of times in the past few years.