where has my lump gone?

Three weeks ago I began to have pain in my left armpit, which I thought at first was a muscular type pain. It grew steadily worse over the days and then a week later I found a lump about the size of a pea in my armpit. I went straight to the GP, who could feel the lump and said that the tissue from my armpit to the top of my breast felt ‘gristly’. Anyway, whilst I having been waiting for my appointment to come round, the pain has really subsided, it just feels a bit tender in the armpit or when I overstretch my arm, and I can no longer locate the lump. I will of course still be attending my appointment on Monday, but wonder if I am being lulled into a false sense of security that it may not be too much to worry about, and if anyone else has had a similar experience and if so, what the outcome was. I have been beside myself with worry.

hopefully it turns out to be nothing serious but we are all here for you if its suspicious.

let us know how you get on… good luck

Lulu x

thank you lulu, i really appreciated your support. i am more than ecstatic to tell you that i am fine, and the specialist thinks that it was nothing more than an infected lymph node. the lump and pain has gone. i am so grateful. ive always been one to count my blessings, and am doing so even more now. there are still lessons to be learnt for me after the past two very worrying weeks.
i hope you are doing well, and once again, thank you x

jackie r so lovely to hear your very good news, all the very best to you xx

thank you katytc. my only wish would be that everyone had the same outcome as me x

That’s a lovely thing to say jackie r, when I read posts like yours it just gives great pleasure. After all the worrying etc, it’s just brilliant when the news is good, it gives everyone on here a boost xx