where have all the lesbians gone???

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hi norberte, and everyone else!

Yes it has been quiet hasn’t it - hope everyone is doing ok?

I’m doing well, treatment for bone mets holding things stable with some sign of healing/strengthening in a couple of areas, so quite happy at mo!

My garden likes the rain but I’ve just got a new awning and would like some sun to test it!!

Love to all, Julie xx

Hi all - I was wondering if i was the only dyke left in the village.

I had my last chemo yesterday so i’m rather phneurgh today but pleased to be saying goodbye to that chapter. 25 Rads to look forward to (!?!) now. If anyone says going to WOMAD festival one week into rads isn’t a good idea I’ll wallop them (in a relatively non-violent way obviously).

I would be feeling pretty optimistic if i wasn’t waiting to see whether mum has bc now - bummer!


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Hi all (surely its more than ‘both’ - there must be more of us)

Two mins ago i was buzzing and thought i’d come upwith a list of ‘juicy’ stuff we could discuss. Wrong! steroid high has fled, chemo fog has swooped down and walloped me. List now reads: derrr, errm and ?

gotta go for zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Cucumber sarnie, followed by strawberries and cream, such a shame I can no longer watch Martina at Wimbledon!..
Have a good weekend xx

Martina was doing a ‘meet & greet’ at Eastbourne a couple of years ago and I wussed out because I realised all I would manage would be derr,errm and dribble. Can you see a common thread here - and that was without the excuse of chemo brain. btw, I don’t even follow tennis :slight_smile:

Is it nearly the weekend?

Dawn xx

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kd and me; we just never clicked. i went one of her gigs and spent most of the time looking round the audience. Now Horse, that was something different.

Someone told me feminism is having a refreshed wave.

Been up since 5 and all steroids finished now so could be time for a really long sleep.

Have a good weekend everyone and a nice long sleep to all in need of it.
Julie xx

HI everyone, just popped on to see how everyone is - now you see I’m more kd than Horse, once did security for Horse at NE pride event - terrifying -as she kept jumping off the stage into the audience!!
Any ways, I’m mainly good, back at work 3 days a week, swimming each week, digging the garden, hanging out etc…but living with constant small voice in head about recurrance, lymphodema, etc - thats tricky. Had a whole day in my PJs yesterday so missed the newcastle pride breakfast held at a mate’s cafe - shame but the OH flew the flag…just might have to have a word with a “friend” who has been seriously flirting with the OH since my diagnosis - talk about jumping in your grave - the OH describes it as “silly” and tries not to notice bless her - I might be non violently v cross soon -
anyway how were the festivals???
best wishes to you all, Nicola

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Some of the lesbians have been up very late. This one went to bed but couldn’t get to sleep so she has got up again before she wakes up OH.

nicola - give me the name of that “friend” and I’ll sort her out with a non-violent slap aka sarcasm and pointing. I’m very impressed that you are at work 3 days a week. I’m going to have to go back to work at the end of August and the thought of it gives me the eeby-jeebies as i’ve lost the plot.I read my work emails and don’t retain any of the info.

pride here is later but I’ll probably make an appearance if only for old times and to meet friends.

Norberte - doncha know there’s a recession on - three is just greedy; kd, horse or lea.

I’m getting a bit iffy about the my radiotherapy which starts on Wednesday. i know its supposed to be a ‘walk in the park’ compared to chemo but still …

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Hi again,
got a tricky interview to do for work so thought I’d distract myself with popping on here!
lovely to be in touch N
s2s - my brain is fried too, I ran a group yesterday ( conflict resolution in the workplace), we put some “new habits” up on a flipchart which I promised to type up - and then promptly left on the wall in the venue, luckily I know the venue well, but hey, where is that brain…
re your rads - I think rads need as much attention and support as chemo for different reasons - my experience was that it was just very mentally draining and slowing physically tiring - the mentally draining bit being having to lie half naked on a bed everyday for ten mins - I’m pretty much an extrovert but it was still tricky, so don’t let anyone tell you its a walk in the park; also it takes up so much of each day for so many days…hope you can find a way of dealing with it - I sang in my head (not allowed to really sing as it moved me around too much!!) The worst was when a cheryl cole song came on the radio which had been a song in the last LGBT panto (I had been in the panto as a singing wardrobe !) and the cole song was our last , everyone on stage, dance number …SOOOO hard to keep still that day.
all the best from a very wet newcastle, N

I sat atop the teachers’ bus at London Pride. It was the day my hair decided to start coming out! Agree with you about the politics Norberte, but I thought it was great that the Union contingents led the London procession, a step forward methinks.

Oh and hello! Tried posting on another thread but it seems to be full of hetties, nice to have support and all but nice to meet you too. In recovery from 2nd round of 6 FEC.

Sue x

Hi Sue, good to meet you and best of luck with the FEC. I did 6 FEC-T last spring/summer - in fact finished about 11 months ago. I got a couple of really good caps from suburban turban - altho not cheap, very stylish and I’m not a wig kind of a girl so just good for the chilly days when your head needs comfort/cover. Be good to yourself. Best thing my GP said to me when I was first diagnosed was -this will take a year to deal with - I couldn’t belive it even tho I knew I had to have an op or two, chemo and then rads - but you know what- she was right for that range of treatments - I was fine by month 8/9/10 etc but just not my true self until now…
best nicola

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Hi all
I’ve had 2 radiotherapy blasts now. I need to somehow frame them as interludes or I’m going to be wishing my life away and the next thing you know I’ll be back at work (and yes it will be a phased return but i’m not sure quite how long a phase they will buy).

Nicola, thanks to you i was ruminating on how one would play a singing & dancing wardrobe whilst being pinged by beams. I decide mirrors would work really well as part of the costume. I see you have a sensible avatar now - put your dancing/pulling shoes away hmm?

I bought Alex Parks first album (did she even release a second one?).I’m sure i had some Sweet Honey in the Rock music but it was so long ago that it was on cassette.

Hi Sue - I had 6 fec as well and finished 4 weeks ago. Be kind to yourself and accept support if the tiredness gets to you. before you know it you’ll feel like an old hand at it and can wield advice to newbies willynilly!

hugs all