Where is live chat?

Where is live chat?

Where is live chat? A new user has started a topic, which is currently being reviewed before setting live.

Where is live chat? I was wondering where the live chat has gone? When will it be back? I was recommended to come here for that support but now I cant find it. I also notice that the email the nurse is not available either? What is happening please?

For 79madmaz Hi 79madmaz,

Welcome to the forums. I am sorry that the services you require from our site are temporarily unavailable.

With regard to the ask the nurse e-mail service this will be resumed on Monday 25th September 2006. If, in the meantime you need to speak to someone in confidence please do not hesitate to call the BCC freefone help line on
0808 800 6000 where there will be someone you can speak to about your concerns.

Suspension of live chat

It is with great regret that we are having to suspend the live chat sessions at the moment. This is because the software we have been using is not working properly and some users are not being allowed into chat or cannot see the chat.

We are currently sourcing an alternative which we expect to be up and running soon.

We are very sorry about this but felt it was best to cancel the sessions rather than disappoint people who logged on only to find the system was not working.

BCC Host

Thanks Thank you for that information.


Hi 79madmaz

Personally I feel that contact via ‘chat’ is something i couldn’t live without on this journey which is why I am posting (yet again) the url for the other bc site. I know this site here is a mine of information for us and I am not suggesting the other one as an alternative - but as complementary. We have a chat room available 24/7 and private mail buttons. So if you want to join us there as well the link is:


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