where to get a sleeve

Hi ladies
I’m a relatively newbie here, though don’t have a lymphodema problem myself, but wanted to get a sleeve for a friend who’s not in the UK. can i buy one online, and if yes, where and how? I tried to google, but without much success.
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lymphdivas has been mentioned on here by Bahons2 i think.

Sorry its a lymphedivas

Hi there, all

Yes, there is lymphedivas.

Also, I think you can order online from the Juzo website.

It might also be worth looking at the lymphoedema thread (they spell it lymphedema) on the discussion boards of the American euqivalent of this site: www.breastcancer.org. They take a bit of finding, but there are lots of posts with links to suppliers of all sorts of kit for lymphoedema (sleeves, bandages, kinesio tape, etc)

Good luck



Should have added that, if she(?) hasn’t already done so, your friend needs to get her arm measured correctly and be advised which compression class the sleeve should be (some sleeves exert more pressure than others).



Thanks a lot everybody for your comments and get well!