Wheres my Fellow Travellers

Wheres my Fellow Travellers

Wheres my Fellow Travellers Crying all the time, tired, no energy no good thought s of the future…where has all my yellow gone…gone gone…feel in bad need of a cybertrip but cannot find my fellow travellers…I know we are all having a tough time at them moment but I need help to get me through this and I seem to have lost my way somewhere can anyone find it and send it back to me…

Love Elainex

PS If anyone know s Elton John very well could you put in a good word for me and ask him to build me a yellow brick road to continue my journey…

Colour Blind Hi Elaine,

Sorry you’re feeling BLUE, I’m being a bit cowardly YELLOW about going anywhere again because all that travelling was making me GREEN around the gills.

I hate to leave you MAROONed so I hope you are feeling all WHITE soon (yeah, I know, that was so bad I went quite RED)

Please don’t be too BROWNed off with me. You could always join the NAVY to do a little travelling - think of all those sailors - and I’m sure you’ll soon be feeling in the PINK - like the cat that’s got the CREAM.

Sending solid GOLD hugs your way,

Valerie x

hello friend hey you always try to cheer me up and im sorry that your so down at the moment, ive posted a message on after treatment we really need a trip away again and yes i will bring extra oils for all the lovely men we will find in the bar!! try to have a good weekend ill keep in touch and we can cheer each other up .sending you a bright yellow rainbowhug love lynn xx

Colours Hi Valerie

That was some colourful reply and much appreciated.

Its pouring of rain outside, and inside and cannot sleep, mind working overtime again. Why do the green gremlins attack me at night when all i want to do is go to sleep and forget things for a while.

Thinking of taking your advice and joining the NAVY perhaps then I would get to ride in a yellow submarine…

Sweet dreams to you all


So excited So excited because tomorrow I am going to win the lottery and take all of you lovely ladies away for a while…no more needles, for a week or two, going to go on a sunshine holiday with no more money worries for any of us…we could tell the benefits office where to shove their pittance…we would travel first class (no suitcase travel for you Rach) we would drink moet and eat in the finest restaurants.
Buy Chanel, Gucci, Prada and maybe primark as well. Fantastic facials body massages, fake tans, hair extensions, finger nail and toe nail treatment, bot-ex (only those that need it …that will be me then) We could even be cat walk models for the day…that would show them all we mean business…also donate loads of dosh to BC research and to forums like these that keep us sane…We would have matching luggage which would be carried by hunky men, penthouse rooms in the best hotels…then I woke up…lol

Oh well it was a nice few Min’s away from reality…

Love Elaine

count me in!! boy could i use a break now ,so count me in i dont care if i have to tavel in a suitcase as long as there is food and plenty of drink at the end of the rainbow!ok when do we go ? love lynn xx

Sorry Girlie’s Not my day…did not get even one number on the lottery…looks like its back to scrounging in dustbins and sharing a park bench with you Lyn…lol

It appears I cannot do anything right even down t o picking the winning lottery numbers . I must have been a bad person in a former life…maybe we could hitch around the world Lyn…

Never mind there are loads of people worse off than me I know so will carry on regardless, stuffing my face with chocolate now in misery.


lifes alottery hi my friend who needs money anywayWE DO!! hey maybe we could make our own how are you at drawing? anyway grandsons going home today so ill have an afternoon curled up in my duvet with a library book hope you can do the same. take care speak to you soon love lynn xx

Who needs money Hi Lyn

Hope you had a lovely snuggled afternoon with your book, I try and read but seem to loose concentration. Maybe its the type of books I read, normally romance then I get to the part where everyone is playing happy families, I tend to throw the book across the room and wonder I will ever get to play happy families ever again. You see them all around you, husband, wife 2.2 children, estate car, dog etc etc etc…and i get quite jealous, where has my life gone and what have i become…See myself sitting alone in my flat and watching the world go by growing older by the day…Enough of that talk, got to think positive…just haven’t found out to again yet…

Anyway have a good day …keep smiling…even if it is through gritted teeth…lol

Love Elainex

HELLO ALL Hi everyone, I feel sad sometimes and when I do I go to this site where I find some really comforting tips.

glad to be of help Hello

Glad you found all the tips comforting, I always come here when feeling low and also when on a high, which as not been much just lately. Still the nights are drawing out and at least it will soon be spring, hopefully we will all walk with a spring in our steps…

Love Elaine