which anti sickness drugs work best?!

Hi all

I’ve not had a great tme with the anti sickness drugs. After first adn second lots of chemo (I am on EC), i took ondansetron which just spaced me out and didn’t really help with the sickness for more than say half an hour, then they put me on metoclopramide - they made things worse or at best just didn’t do anything. I am now taking dom peridome… can’t say these have helped either. The only thing that has worked is a drug called levomepromazine but you can only take two a day and as they also make you sleepy i only have one during the morning and save the other til the nightime.

Does anyone else have any experience of any other drugs, I’m just so fed up of feeling nauseous every two hours and having to force food down. Any tips greatly appreciated.

Carrie xx

Hi Carrie

Obviusly we are all different but the anti-sickness drugs I’m on appear to work fine - I’m on FEC, and other than a bit of nausea (a bit like car sickness) I have never felt particularly ill. I take Domperidone for 3 days, coupled with dexamethasone for 2 days and Granisetron for 2 days.

Hope you find smething that works for you
take care
Margaret x

Dear Carrie

I found domperidone worked really well. During chemo I had them with ondansetron and dexamethasone for a couple of days and then on their own. I have some domperidone now which were prescribed to me when I first started on Tamoxifen and had bad nausea. They seem to work for this, sorry they’re not working so well for you. Maybe get them to test out different combos? It sometimes takes a while for them to get it right for you, but fortunately for me they found the best combo at the beginning…

Hope this helps.

Cecelia. x

Hi Bellatrix,

Quite a few people seem to find that a small glass of champagne or cava (fizzy white wine) seems to do the trick.

In my case it worked so thoroughly that I gave the anti-sickness drugs back.

So, my advice is Dom Perignon rather than Dom Peridome.

With best wishes,



I think that is the best advice i have been given in the whole three months since dx… *trots off happily to open bottle of Lanson leftover from Christmas*…

Carrie x

I made a big deal about anti-nausea drugs when I first started chemo as I am a ‘sicky’ person. They gave me Granisetron (aka Kytril), domperidone, cyclizine and dexamethasone. I my opinion the granisetron are definitely the best, they are the only ones developed solely to counter the nausea associated with chemo. Talk to your chemo nurse as sometimes changing when you take the drugs can make a difference - I was advised to start the granisetron before bed on the day of chemo rather than waiting till the following morning and it made a huge difference.
Hope this helps!