Which brand of Letrozole can anyone recommend

Hi I am about to move from Tamoxifen to Letrozole please can someone recomend a brand which they are taking that doesn’t give any bad side effects. I have been really lucky while taking Tamoxifen I haven’t experienced any bad side effects.


I’ve now tried 2 brands but I think it is down to the way each body reacts - what suits one may not suit another


HI Suzie,it would be hard to recommend a certain brand of letrozole that don’t give any bad side effects.as everyone experiences are different.l started my letrozole in december and up to now ‘touch wood’ nothing major,the one l am taking is ( sandox) l hope when you start your letrozole that you find one with minimal affects.hope l have  helped you with your question.best of luck for the future x ?

Brand doesn’t seem to make any difference to me …However since Christmas i take my tablet at bedtime and so pleased as all side effects I suffered completely gone - sick feeling; flushes; headache. Still ache a bit but wonder whether this is just me getting old Good Luck xx