which recon????

I am making enquiries about reconstructive surgery and wondered if anybody out there could give me some advice!!
I don’t particularly want the LD flap and would prefer the implants but have had bilat masts and radiotherapy (3 half years ago).
Has anyone had implants after radio? What was the results? Was it worth it? Any problems?
Any advice gratefully received :slight_smile:

I had Dcis 4 years ago with WLE and 3 weeks radiotherapy. About 10days ago I had a mastectomy and immediate diep flap recon the dcis had come back. I’ve only briefly seen the result but it looked ok when I was loying on the bed. I too didn’t fancy the LD flap because of any possible weakness in my shoulder and also I hate having surgery and did not want to set myself up for more with the need for the implants to be replaced. I was told that you are more likley to have the implants go hard if you have already had radiotherapy. They will need to get some extra skin from somewhere because I was told that skin is less elastic after radiotherapy. I don’t know if this is of any help to you.

Take care

Hi Salsal

i’m with you on this one. i’m currenlty still having chemo at the minute but due to have bilateral mastectomy on the 8th nov which is to be followed by radiotherapy. up untill 2 weeks ago the plan was to have reconstrcution a year after, but that has all changed now as they said that the strectching process is quite difficult after radiotherapy, my options are to either go for implants which could fail and use the LD flap and implant as a safety measure if they did go hard, or to have the LD straight away. At present i’m not sure if this would be with implant or not.

I see my surgeon on Friday so will let you know the outcome, got a million and one questions for him.

Keep your chin up
Karen xxx