Which regimen for HER2 positive

Does anyone know if there are set protocols for the various types of breast cancer. My own is HER2 positive and E/P negative. I have yet to see the oncologist but I just wanted to know the most usual recipe so to speak.


Hi, I had HER2+ and had 3 lots of FEC and 3 lots of Taxotere along with a year (18 lots) of Herceptin every 3 weeks.  That followed with a mastectomy - 3 weeks after finishing chemo and 15 lots of radiotherapy.  That was 9 years ago now so maybe things have changed a bit since then.  Hope this helps.

Each regime will be tailored to the person this can vary from Trust to Trust as well as person to person some regimes such as weekly paclitaxel are more costly to administer but better for the patient SE wise some trusts accept these costs others go for 3 weekly T.

Like you I am Her2+ er/pr negative I had 3xEC (not FEC) then 12 x weekly Paclitaxel I should have had 4 EC but one was removed prior to chemo due to an exisiting condition. Many ladies I have met during my treatment under my hospital have had the same EC and Paclitaxel so that appears to be the norm for where I am treated . Any of us on herceptin didnt start it till we started our paclitaxel

Hi Blueash I’m HER2+ With positive nodes and am going on TCH  ( taxotere, carboplatin, herceptin) heard it’s a bit kinder and had good results, so fingers crossed.

Hi annietre I was on this regime finished in March had 12 of 17 herceptin so far, feel free to fire any questions xxxxxxx


Hi Blueash. I’m starting 4 x TC and Hercrptin on 9th August. I’m also ER/PR + and then having 15 rads plus 5 boost so pretty similar xx

Hi annietre I hope you are well, the worst for me was days 2-8 no sickness just felt spaced out hungover and weak, it passed tho and the remainder of the time Inbetween was relatively normal, taste buds go each cycle and I craved carbs just eat what you can. If it’s the 9 th today I’m hoping you are feeling well ?

Hello. I am HER2+ EP - and have had FEC x3 and my first Taxotere of 3 sessions, 11 days ago, along with my first dose of 3-weekly Herceptin jabs for a year. Surgery & radiotherapy to follow chemo. I opted for surgery after chemo in the hope that my 6cm grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma would shrink and it has - I can’t feel it now so hopefully I will have less surgery… !
I found this last session easier on my veins than the FEC sessions. I have felt more achy and tired than with FEC and have had diarrhoea but no nausea thank goodness. My biggest dread was being sick during chemo. I can cope with the other stuff. Drastic diet changes - basically avoiding all the stuff I like… and partial fasting around chemo seem to help me. Never have I eaten so healthily. I hope I continue but I probably won’t as I love food - especially the fatty, sugary, rich and alcoholic varieties(!) but will give it my best shot whilst all this treatment goes on. Blimey - what a 3 months this has been. Good luck to everyone and thank you for so much illuminating, helpful and supportive advice X

Hello blueash. I am wondering what treatment you went with. I am on ac 4 x 3 weekly. Then PAC 12 x weekly with herceptin every three weeks to continue for a year. After PAC I will have 5.5 weeks of radio. I had 2cm tumour Her2+ er+ 2 /17 nodes positive. Started treatment with lumptectomy and ax dissection. Wish I’d started with chemo and herceptin first. I hope you and others on this site are doing well.