Which Type ??

Hi Guys, not been loggd on 4 a while been so busy living life!!! Anyhow finally decided (diag Aug 05 - lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemo and Herceptin for 1 year) that after 2 years of hell I’m ready to think about reconstruction.

I don’t really fancy the invasiveness of stomach muscle or back muscle moving to form new breast and I’m thinking more on the lines of an expander implant. I’ve just lost over a stone and half since treatment finished and have no stretch marks on my tummy (luckily after having 2 boys) and I really don’t want any more large scars on by tummy or back.

All your comments would be very welcome as it’s all a bit scary.
ALSO does anyone out there have any dealings with Miss Austin - Plastic Surgeon for Wakefield/Yorkshire - this is where I’ve been referred when I asked for ‘the best’. Your comments on her work/attitude etc would be welcome.

Well here’s to the next step in this long road - waiting for the appointment - will keep you all informed because as usual its great to have somewhere to sound off to.

Hi Clemy

(diag May 05) and just thinking along the same lines as you I feel as if I want my cleavege BACK!! not gone as far as you though will wait untill my next appointment to get my questions asked.


Hi Clemy
Speaking from personal experience (so far) + personal preference I had permanent expander implant May this year. (see ‘impant with expander’ thread) Initially scheduled for LD recon but decided against it after a lot of hospital time wasting. Re-referred to new consultant who understood this op would be less invasive surgery wise for me. It’s a longer process I think but due to infections + slow healing of mastectomy twas a better option for me.
I hope you reach a decision thats right for you + wish you well

Hi Clemy

I have had the back muscle op and they line it up under your bra line or they should if they are good…the reason they do this is apparently because it gives a better end shape to the recon…

hope this helps