Hi there girls

some of you may remember a group of us met up and went to centre parcs at the beginning of the year, well we are doing it again this time in a cottage in whitby complete with jacuzzi and hot tubs fro 19th to 22nd nov.

there are 20 of going away for a weekend together, however a few have had to pull out at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances.

so i just thought id post on here is this is where most of us met… all at various stages in our recovery and quite a few of us have never met before so if your interetsed please get in touch.

we would love anybody who fancies it to come along.

i know its short notice but just if it was something you are interested in please do get in touch…

its open to anyone and everyone.

Love Lulu xxx

hi lulu just bumping this up for you xxx

I would have loved to come and I only live in Scarborough but I’m having my lipofilling op on the 17th, so doubt if I’ll be up to it. Have a fantastic time. Whitby is a lovely place to visit. Lots of lovely fish and chips - don’t forget the mushy peas!!

bumping this up for you Lulu x x

thats a shame Cadi… good luck with your lipofill op. Lx


yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cant wait !!! 2 weeks post operative mx i hope plenty of nurses on hand to look after me if theres a prob !! :wink: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope you all have a fab time!!!
anyone thinking about it, they are a great bunch and you will have a great time!!!
love Debs xxx

sounds fab - unfortunately my work isn’t the kind where I can have a long weekend :frowning:
you are all amazing and I hope you have a fantabuloso time.


Have a wonderful time - I’m sure you will!

Eliza xx

Have a brilliant time - I got given a magazine when I came out of hospital on Saturday that had a piece in it about you all - I thought it looked incredible.

I only had my mx on Friday, so it’s too short notice for me :frowning: but I would have loved it - and loved meeting some of the girls ‘face to face’!!!

If you plan anything next year…

Sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

im sure there will definitely be another one on the cards so will keep you all posted.

Lulu xx

I’d have loved to come along and it’s only an hour away from where I live, but I’m being whisked away to Scarborough that weekend for a birthday treat! (brrrrrr…f f freezing!)
Have a fab time, mmm Magpie Fish & Chips!
Emma xx

mmm Emma you’re right about the fish and chips at the Magpie. hopefuly there won’t be queues. Hope the you all have a great time.

Hi Lulu,

Sounds a great idea- and I love Whitby.

Have a good time xx

OOOh Whitby! have a lovely time. There is ALWAYS a queue at the Magpie. Best advice is to arrive at start of service
x sarah

Have fab time lovely ladies!


Hey Sue, we should get em to come to Norfolk next time so we can pile on in with them all !

Indeed we could debs!!


can i just say what a totally amazing weekend we had… there were 15 of us in a beautiful cottage in the yorkshire countryside…

there were tears and laughter and chat and fun and we lit paper laterns last night in memory of Hayz who we lost earlier this year… it was truly touching.

the cottage itself was fabulous with log burners, hot tubs, jacuzzi and sauna.

we even had an early visit from santa and he brought us all a wee pressie and we had xmas dinner of ‘pizza’ lol

it was one of the best weekends of my life… who knew at the start of this journey i would have the privilege of meeting so many fantastic ladies.

and thank you BCC for bringing us together.

Lulu xxx