White blood cell drop

I’m looking to you lovely folks for advice. I have secondary spread to my spine and am currently on Xeloda (Capcetabine) and have been for nearly a year.
For the first time I’ve been told my white blood cells have dropped to 1.45. There was a query as to whether I could get my chemo drugs but as the cut off point was 1.5 they let me have them.
My question is this - can I do anything to help them improve? I’m currently resting a lot (am only 39 and feel like a granny!)

Any help appreciated,


The only thing that I know of is asking for GCSF injections post chemo.

Hi Muddy – I’ve been lucky with my bloods these last six years since my bone & liver mets dx, so have always been able to get my Xeloda. Wonder if you might speak to your Macmillan nurse, or someone in you onc team about options for you? As Horace says, there are some drugs/treatments that can help boost your white blood cells, so do ask someone about these.
Marilyn x

Hi Muddy - like you I have always been lucky and my bloods have been fine for chemo (I have bone mets). Last time they were down but chemo went ahead, just. I had been feeling totally wiped out and nurse suggested I had been fighting a virus. Seems to have been the answer as much much better this time.

Anne xx

my bloods were low after my second dose of chemo so since then I have had a neulasta injection given
the day after each chemo, last one yesterday and they did say at first I wouldn’t need it today, but then changed their minds as I have had a couple of viral infections in the last two weeks and they wanted to make sure it didn’t carry on this next few weeks. The injection has certainly worked as my counts have always been as high as when I first started chemo.

sorry rambling answer - they can give you injections if your bloods continue to be low is the more concise answer :slight_smile:

Dena xx

Hello muddy
I have had six lots of xeloda and have sailed through this. I did have trouble with Taxotere before this and was neutrpenic and was given gsf injections to give my self each cycle this did the trick and I didn’t have any problems after that. Perhaps its worth asking your onc about these injections
love Caroline

Hi, I had problems wih Xeloda too - I ended up in hospital for a week with low count and infection on first dose.
Subsequently I was given neulasta daily injections to take starting on day after the two weeks of pills stopped. Pharmacy sent me home with 5-6 injections to take, one per day, but I found that 2 or 3 were sufficient to keep the count up. I believe onc had to check with drug company as he had not encountered this before - Xeloda is not supposed to affect neutrophils much.
hope this helps - I had 11 lots of Xeloda and apart from sore hands and feet the quality of life was very good.
love, Ariadne

Hi, my problem on Capecitabine (Xeloda) has been a drop in my red blood cells. I have been having a blood transfusion approx every 5-6 weeks due to this, but my white cells have been ok. Has anyone else had low red blood cells on Capecitabine?