Who Do We Go Too?

When i recently completed the BCC survey I tried to emphasis this area of need for BC patients.
I know i am not the only one who worries about cancer spread or re-occurance. BUT who do we turn too for help?

My Gp treats me like ‘any normal patient’ Everything is a muscle strain to him or a virus.
As i was mis-diagnosed by them for BC I have little confidence in them.
However i am loathe to always contact my oncologist who i know is busy and will just do scans.

I am trying so hard to live life believing I am free from cancer but how do others cope with unexplained pain? How i long for a doc who will just re-assure me and one i can trust or just talk through the fears when they come.


Hi Liverbird

I was just wondering this myself this morning as I got up with a sore rib on my back and the usual thoughts started to emerge. How do you know what to bother the GP with and what is just normal?

Can’t say I have any answers, but this is a worry to me too. Will be good to know what others think?

Love Deborahxx

Hi Ruth & Deborah

I have backache at the moment, but then I’ve had a bad back in varying degrees on and off for the last 30 years.

I’m working on the principle that they got my cancer, and it may or may not come back. So any aches and pains I get will have to be one that last for more than a couple of weeks and don’t seem to ease, before I start to worry too much.

I don’t know if I’m being like an ostrich, but it is certainly letting me sleep better and I don’t wake up with a thick head anymore.

Mind you I did go to the urgent care centre the other week and was made to feel like a hypocondriac. I had a TRAM recon and son can be prone to hernias. I snezzed and something went ping and my side felt as if a knife was being turned whenever I either sneezed or coughed. I explained the situation but all the foreign doc could keep saying was “Are you constipated”. When I went to appointment at breast clinic, mentioned it to consultant and he said it is a small hernia but nothing to worry about - they’ll keep an eye on it.

So unless it’s something of an unusual pain that doesn’t shift I’m going to try and not worry

Take care
Marilyn x

My consultant told me to contact my GP if I have any problems, or contact my BC nurse. Since I have private health cover, I can just call and make an appt to see my consultant whenever I want.

My GP is wonderful, and I feel indebted to her cos she was the one who decided to send me for my first mammogram at 45. It was then that my tumours were discovered early. She is always ready to listen to me and asks me how she can help. I am lucky to have someone I can go to if I’m worried.

Jacki x

Hi girls
I saw the radiologist this week and he told me that I could get a pain in the ribs in 2, maybe 5 years time!!! Then again, maybe I won’t.
I wonder if I should put it on the calendar to remind myself that if my ribs are sore in the future it may be from the radiotherapy in 2008!
I think it’s natural to worry when you’ve had cancer and I don’t suppose any amount of reassurance from others will take the worry away completely.

BunnyMum - I’ve sent you a private message.

It’s the weekend ;o)


i had a pain in my back rib, thought i had collapsed a lung, i saw the onc on friday and he gave me a good examination, it was fine, but he has always told me to ring him if i have any problems concerning my recon and my good boob and not to bother going to the gps except for my prescriptions or any other problems, which is what i do now. but every little ache and pain really gets me into a tiswas, its not easy is it?

Hi Lynne,

Have PM’d you back :slight_smile:

Jacki x

Got it, thanks.


Hi girls

My GP is wonderful, never makes me feel that I am wasting his time. He is always erring on the side of caution and will arrange bloodtests, scans etc. if he thinks anything might be amiss. Must admit sometimes I feel a bit fed up with constant tests and scans etc., but as he said ’ if I sent you away and a few months later something ‘nasty’ turned up, you would not thank me!'. They did discover various other health problems whilst having bloodtests etc., which I am sure they would never have discovered otherwise, so I am very grateful that I am now being treated. My breast clinic is also very good, if I have any problems (or the GP thinks I should see them), they fit me in within a few days and again never make me feel silly.


Hi Liverbird,

I think I must be really lucky, when I worried I contacted my BC nurse who always managed to calm my worries, the two recurrences I found myself were dealt with very quickly after contacting her. My GP is very good, when I went to her last week with blurred vision she gave me a thorough examination of eyes, balance, blood pressure and blood tests, every thing is fine but its good to know they don’t think I am a hypochondriac.

Maybe a little tip here, but other ladies feel free to differ- I am happy to see newly qualified doctors at my GPs surgery, they are very keen and often more thorough as they are frightened to make a mistake. In fact a student doctor once found I had a heart murmur that no other doctor had ever picked up and this explained why two of my children had defective hearts, no genetic link had been made until then. Still that’s by the by.

I hope you find support soon, take care


Hi Ladies

Don’t mean to be a spoilsport but after everything we’ve been through DO be paranoid- it might save you even if you might look a bit silly. I just brought my consultancy check up forward 2 months cos I was getting a lot of breast pain. The consultant couldn’t see anything on the ultrasound and said he thought it was just radiotherapy damage from 18 months ago but took a biopsy ‘just in case’. Turns out the cancer is back and I have caught it before any lumps have formed again. I have had little panics before that turned out to be nothing but a bit of embarrassment is better than worrying yourself sick. If your specialist is anywhere near as good as mine, try to bypass the GP and go straight to the expert. I found befriending his secretary has been very helpful - she’ll always slot me in!

Amy x

Hi Amy
Your post is such a help to me, thank you.
I started this thread about 2-3 weeks ago. I still have the pain i had gone to GP about. Quite honestly today has been a bad day. I have had such awful comments from family like ‘perhaps if i worked more i wouldnt think about pain and think of cancer’ etc etc. I took their advice and have over the past few weeks thrown myself into working more. I feel so tired and today i have been in agony with this pain. I just feel i have no one to turn too who understands. If one more person says ‘oh i am sure its nothing’ I will be up for GBH, how do they know??
So after reading your post i am making an appt for docs on MONDAY.
I do hope to see the GP who once said to me when i asked ‘how do i know what is a pain to be worried about and one that isnt?’ replied ‘If it persists after 2-3 weeks and is a new pain then that needs investigating’ This has gone on for 6 weeks and is new.
I may even phone the BC nurse and as you said bypass the GP. Yes i think i will.

Ta for helpful postings this site is a great help.


Hi Ruth

So glad you found this helpful - I sometimes get paranoid that people think my comments are unsympathetic cos I’m a bit of a realist. Please let us know how you get on. (and Karen - yes it is me from Glos!) It is so strange to be back on here after 18 months and find myself chatting to some of the same people - this thing really doesn’t leave us alone does it? And it feels like you are both old friends as I remember exchanging posts with you both a long time ago. I’m in for surgery on Friday.

Lots of luck and love,
Amy x

Hi Amy,
Which kind of surgery will you be having on Friday?..are you being treated at GRH?..by the way I think its better to be a realist especially where this disease is concerned.

Ruth, let us know how you get on, this has been bothering you for a while, you need to get to the bottom of it.

Karen x