who else is in leicester?

I wondered whether anyone fancied chatting about the specifics of Leicester (eg good places to hang out and recharge or wig/hat sources). We could swap advice and possibly meet up for coffee while we are on this cancer trip. Any one interested? Of course we might all be totally incompatible but you never know!

Hi Sky2sea, What a lovely name! My name is Sue and I am 58 years old. I am in Narborough and go to LRI/Glenfield for my treatment. I had surgery at Glenfield in February (x2) with a mx and then another op for margins. I am currently going through FEC x 6 at LRI. I went to sort out my wig yesterday at Balmoral Othotics. It is nothing really special but will fill the gap when my hair falls out. I have only done FEC1 up to press and go again on Monday 9 May for my next one. I see the Onc on 6 May for a review.
I don’t know if our paths will cross during our treatment but I would love to have a cuppa with you and discuss our experiences.

All the best

Sue xx

I started this in dec so I’m just had my 3rd fec (of 6)and my 4th is due on 9th may too. So far tho’ I’ve always been put back a week cos my white blood count goes too low but you never know. My onc is 6th May too.

I’m local to the LRI so its an easy trip and I go for my blood tests there as well which keeps me out of the germ ridden doctors.

have you been to the Coping With Cancer centre? I went there for a headstrong appointment and was thinking about trying their massage stuff.

Hi Sky2sea,

No I haven’t been there but it sounds lovely. Have you any info on it? I could do with a bit of massage. All this still seems very new to me at the moment. I will be getting my blood tests at the GP I am afraid but I go really early in the day so may be I can miss the germs. I don’t drive so my visits to the hospital are a bit of a long-haul. I get a lift to the Park & Ride and the bus goes straight to LRI. If I am going to Glenfield I will then have to take the Hopper. On my way back I ask my hubby or neighbour to give me a lift back from the P&R.

Sue xx

this should take you to the CWC Leicester site c-w-c.org.uk/ let me know if it doesn’t work. I rang them to arrange the Headstrong appointment where I tried on lots of different scarves and hats and got to take away a couple - you just leave a donation.

I haven’t been to any of the other things like tai chi, art, therapies cos I’m idle and transport can be an issue - I don’t drive anymore but should make the effort as they could be fun. they have a summer fayre in May so I’m probably going to that.

Hello there

I’ve had all my treatment at Glenfield and The Royal, was only there last week. My bc goes back to 1986, recurrence in 2005 and two further ones since so a lot of history but I am still around to tell the tale so must be doing something right.

I have been to coping with cancer, had some counseling there after my last recurrence, not sure it helped but it certainly did me no harm. I don’t actually live in Leicester I am about 15 miles away, they run a drop in centre here twice a month where you can have various therapies together with a chat and a cuppa.

The Royal is so busy and I am sure you will agree the car parking is horrendous, I usually jump out the car for my appointment while hubby sits in the queue.

Take care.


Jan - is the Royal busier than when you first had to use it for BC?

I couldn’t believe the queue for parking at LRI. I park at Morrisons and walk over - if it ever takes more than 2 hours [horrendous thought, so far (3rd fec)it hasn’t taken longer than 1 1/2 hours] then my partner would move over to one of the paying carparks.

When I had rads at LR in 1986 there was no problem with parking, no queues straight in and out. Since then the hospital has been extended so much most of the car park has gone.

Hope your treatment goes well.

Take care.


Hello sky2sea
I too was treated at Glenfield and the LRI- my treatment finished 2 years ago. The parking at the LRI then, certainly was horrendous- and I have to say that if you have not had to wait for more than 2 hours during your chemotherapy thus far, you have done extremely welll! I have memories of being in that horrible overcrowded chemo department for up to 8 hours!

Less of a problem with rads because the treatment is so quick and there is very little waiting. When I was driving myself I had to organise to get there really early or to catch the Hospital Hopper from Glenfield, for fear of missing my appointment ; if I could get someone to drive me it was much easier. I used to get out of the car once we joined the inevitable car park queue and by the time my driver had parked, I was usually putting my clothes back on!

Re losing your hair- I have now had 3 wigs from the Otology dept at the LRI ( my hair didn’t re-grow after chemotherapy; rare but it happens) The dept. then was little more than a glorified broom cupboard - but I found the ‘wig lady’ was really super: she helped me to find a style and colour really close to my original hair & my 3 wigs have cost me just £60 each (so cheaper than hair doos over the same period). Although I would dearly love to see my own hair regrow as it used to be, the LRI wigs have been a Godsend to me. I did buy another wig from a wig shop but it never fitted me and cost £200! (I wear a ‘hospital’ wig very day and everyone who actually know it’s not my own hair tell me I look really good in it - but most folk never even know! )
Do hope your treatment goes well- it seems forever at the time-but it does pass