Why am I so tired?

Why am I so tired?

Why am I so tired? Hi everyone
I can’t believe how tired I am - I could sleep or snooze all the time!!!

Its now nearly 5 months post chemo and am on Herceptin until March 07 - is this making me tired all the time? - honestly have to struggle to get out of bed of a morning for work at 9.00 am. The lethargy is killing me - I was once a fitness freak walking and jogging up to 5 times a week - can barely do the hoovering now without needing a rest - are you all like this??? Clemy X

Early Days !! Hi

Glad I am not on my own! Me to still get tired and I am not back to work yet so maybe you have gone back to soon I finished treatments in Feb.
Haveing a crap day to-day after 2 good weeks (its bloody hard work this recovery) Never mind things will be normal again one day I hope. (sorry hope I have not depressed you more) I was also a fitness freak now just a freak!! ha!

Janet x

thanks Thanks Janet
It’s a blessing to know I’m not on my own - I’ve tried really hard to get back to some ‘normality’ but I guess I’ve tried to do a bit too much too soon - ad to have a week off last week cos my emotions were all over the place. Feel a little better now but I totally agree with you - the emotional/mental side of recovery is far harder than the physical recovery from chemo and surgery.

Thanks for your support
Luv Clemy X

Hi Clemy

Breast Cancer Care are runing a 2 day course in Bolton which I am going to it is to help with this stage of the recovery which as you know is hard. Post back if you want the Tel No; if you ring they will give you all the info
. It sounds really good. (All Free)

Good Job We Have This Site!

Love Janet x

Glad I am not the only one Hi there, I am like oyu I am tired all the time I had a lot of energy on the chemo but now I am having Radio I feel so tiredddddddddddd all the time it is so horrible. i was told that this is quite normal as the chemo stays in the body for a long time afterwards.
When is the weekend to Bolton thing I would be really interested in going I am away for the whole of August so hope I dont miss it.
Love clairemm x x

Me too Whilst off work having chemo and radio I seemed to be fine, finished chemo mid march. 25 sessions of radio, been back at work since beginning of April. Due to start Herceptin soon. Work 32 hours over 4 days and some days i go home exhausted, on monday i was in tears at work i just felt so worn down, something I’ve never felt before.
I think that i went back too soon during my radiotherapy.
Sometimes i long for life to be back to the way it was 12 months ago and the thought of 12 months herceptin fills me with dread.
Sorry I’m not very cheerful but just to let you know you are not alone.
Hope you feel better soon.

Bolton Hi Claireman

Dates for Bolton are 25th July overnight untill 26th July.

Tel 0114 263 6480 ask for Keeley Mathews.
She will give you all the info.

Love Janet (let me know how you go on)