why are people so ...shrug

Rang my sister in law on friday to arrange a time that my brother could be visiting my mother and i could tell them both.

Well she said they’d be at Ma’s place this afternoon and she’d text me.

Just logged on to my facebook account to find a message saying they didnt feel like going over and she suggested maybe I could text my brother to make a time that suits him, as hes on leave over the next few days as he was heading out of town soon for work.  Its 6pm

When I rang her I did tell her why I needed them there…she didnt have to do anything else. 

I spent all day fretting about telling my mum … 

Just peeled about 20 potatoes trying to stop shaking. angry and hurt. 

Clearly I sounded way too calm on friday. 


Just venting.  Sigh. Biopsy tomorrow feeling stressed and jittery.  

Xxx ladies,  putting the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.




Yes - this hurts! Give them time - essentially this is throwing their problems up and it is they not you who have to confront the issues. Stay positive and focus on all your supportive people.