Why do i feel so sad and emotional - when it was good news?

Hi all,

Stupid post really, but didn’tknow where else to start it - was hoping that someone will give me a good talking to!!!

A few weeks ago i was told the lumps in my breast were only cysts and would dissappear by them selve - such fab news to hear.
But since then i have been a complete wreck! my head is all over the place, i put it down to sleep deprivation as my breast was so painful i couldn’t sleep well :frowning:
But i’m back to sleeping well, but just feel so depressed and down - life just seems so hard at the momnet, which is not like me at all i’m normally the strong happy go lucky person. my freind who knew nothing about what had gone on, just in general asked how i was at the school gate and i broke down - bless her she gives good cuddles!!
Is it the relief i don’t know? i have to lose weight and change my diet which i have spoken to the gp about and they will help me which is great so much support from them - so why???
And to top it all off the lump has come back - so looks like more sleepless nights soon :frowning: - i have an open appt with the hospital so do i go back now or see how it goes??

Really sorry to off load like this but its not the sort of conversation you bring up in the playground!!!

Sorry again

Cathy xxx

Dear cathy1802
I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time at the moment. Have you considered giving our Helpline a call. They are there for support and information or just to listen. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000.
Take care
Very best wishes
BCC facilitator

Hi Cathy
I’ve sent you a message.

I too have felt the same and it just becomes worse, nine weeks after surgery, with more pain, more bad news, and just more and more. Head feels like it is going to cave in. Trauma hits us after the event and I think that’s what you are suffering. I think that’s what I am suffering.

I hope you can find a way through. I haven’t managed to cry at all, I feel quite empty at the moment.

thanky ou for all your comments and messages, head is in a better place at the moment! Back to hospital on monday1

Sommer 43 - you have reason to feel the way i do, you’ve been through far more than i have :slight_smile: talk to someone about it - the number of people that i have chated to over the last few days who have given the bestest hugs or got ma a tissue has helped me so much. I;m normally ont to keep things to myself but it all got too much and i burst!
Take care xx

I have spoken to a breast care nurse up at my clinic, who was very good on the day. I was on a bad day when I wrote my post, so I apologise for the shortness of my post and how it must have looked very cold. Cathy, I do think that when we go through the rigmorole of testing, we step into an emotional unknown, the waiting, the husband, who is worried yet wants to say reassuring comments, sympathy doesn’t always work with me, sometimes I need to be told straight.
It has been a journey since January for me, four times up at the clinic, four lots of tests, the waiting, the surgery, which I wasn’t told about the post surgical issues that might happen, such as then developing another benign condition, which has caused me pain. I return in September, to clinic. This I have accepted and will use the time between now and then to recover my mind, and body. While I thought the surgery was to be a simple procedure, it was, but the issues I have since the surgery have far outweighed the pain that took me to the doctors in the first place.

Having places like this to off the fears and feelings, being able to exchange thoughts with other’s in the same position is fantastic.

Thank you ladies for the uspport you have given and the pm’s i have recieved - this site in priceless!!

take care all of you