why do some med teams not answer Q's?

I’m with holeybones on this one. I have a friend who had the same med team as me in same hospital. She was diag with BC 8 yrs ago and given an excellent prognosis. Lump removed, no lymph involvement. She like me had no further tests after diag of primary BC.

She eventually had a bi lateral mastectomy due to a re-occurance and now has bone mets. She only found out she had bone mets after 6mths of continuos pain in her hip which eventually was diagnosed when at the point of an almost fracture.

I also agree with Liz. I too have paid into the NHS all my working life and still am. Why should we get different treatment from others with the same or similar prognosis, and yes, it isn’t pol correct, but why should immigrants be treated the same as us? We would have to pay if the situation was reversed and we lived in their country. (I’m thinking more people who come here to work, not political immigrants). Yes that is a hot potatoe and not for this forum!


Liz asked if problems in her feet might be bone mets.

I was told that bone mets are unusual below the knee or below the elbow (though somehow I’ve got mets in forearms and lower legs). So, it would be unlikely to be bone mets and the suggestion that steroids are making your bones brittle seems reasonable.

The usual tests for bone mets are bone scans (which show areas of current activity that are referred to as “hot spots”) and X Rays (which show existing damage). As there are other reasons for you having brittle bones / bone break down, these tests may not be suitable, as they are more indicators, rather than YES / NO tests. Possibly, tumour markers might be a better starting point? If they are in the normal range, you can attribute bone problems to Crohn’s.