Why have I come on a period out of the blue??

I’ve just come on a period out of the blue, I haven’t had a period since Chemo session 1 in April.

I had Chemo session 4 on the 21st June which was my first Taxotere treatment.

Today I’ve come on a period, which would perhaps explain feeling wiped out for the past 2 days too, I also have accompanying usual period pain (bad because I have PCOS and a fibroid)

Anyone else had this happen after no periods for months?

bumping this up for you. I’ve not had chemo but was peri menopausal & haven’t had a period since before my surgery I thought it might be the shock of it all or that id lost weight, but the night sweats & hot flushes tell me different lol, I too have fibriods & keep getting a period like pain keep wondering if I will have one again, not that I miss them.

Mekala x

I went a bit irregular on my chemo - and think i am coming on late again soon.

Irregular periods are common on chemo - just as common as them stopping completely so I would guess this is what has happened to you.

Essentially it has just taken this long for your body to need to have a period. You will probably wait a while for the next one after this one.

I had my first 2 on time, then had a 6 week cycle, and now I am quite late again even though I am actually off chemo and have been for 7 weeks. I guess it is just going to take some time to regulate again.

I think I’m more concerned because I’ve had nothing for months then suddenly BOOM.

Thanks for the replies so far :slight_smile:

Called my BCN and she said that its unusual for them to stop and then come back like that but not unheard of.

Can be a lot heavier as well, which it is. CAn’t taken Naproxen or Ibuprofen as I’m still on Diflucan - so if pain gets really bad then I’ll be necking the Oramorph left over from Tax Pain/Aches. Bit extreme but Paracetamol never did it for me, only thing I found helped was Naproxen which is what Feminax Ultra is!

I wish mine would stop! I’ve had them more often tha normal and heavier too. Was really looking forward to them stopping!

hi Kat,

when I had my first course of chemo 11 years ago my periods never stopped, even though I was told I would probably not have a period, or be able to conceive again after my treatment, I went on to have twins, who are now nearly 9 years old,

they dont always get it right, or text book do they? lol.

It strikes me sometimes your body will do as it pleases…

How are you feeling now?

Best wishes Liz xxxx

Hi Liz

It’s a REALLY REALLY heavy period, sorry if this is TMI but you know how you can’t use tampons due to infection risk, well I’ve NEVER liked using towels at all but have to now. Last night I put on a nighttime style super plus towel, this ALL soaked all through the whole towel and all over me and the bed - how disgusting is that. I was horrified, I’ve never been that heavy. The only time I ever had anything this bad was when I had a miscarriage.

Had to take morphine tablet for pain as I can’t take Naproxen as I’m still on Fluconzole for the oral thrush and it interacts with NSAIDs.

Urgh, I hope this is a one off. Typical this has to happen when I’m on Week 3 and have a respite.

I’m over all the SEs this week which has been a blessed relief - very very hard time of it this time with the agony of the injection SEs and then oral thrush etc. I’m still very tired but that I’m OK with!

I’m not having the injections next time and I’m hoping the oral thrush stays away so hoping that Taxotere 2 will be better? Better had be, I could do with 1 easy chemo. If my last 1 is horrible I can at least chant the mantra of “no more chemo now” to myself :wink:

How are you doing? xxxx

Oh and twins? Brilliant! And no your body does what the hell it wants to, that’s true.

I doubt I’ll be able to concieve as I was in fertility treatment and up to the stage of IVF before all this happened, had a year of treatments. I have Poly Cystic Ovaries and a fibroid, 1 ovary is totally covered in a carpet of cysts, the other 1 is OK. We were trying for 5 years, had 1 pregnancy that ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks, very very sad.

I was hoping that chemo would kill off all the cysts and give me a chance but then they said that it’d be very risky indeed for me to try and carry a pregnancy as I’m ER PR Positive and Grade 3. We’ll try again when off Tamoxifen but then I’ll be 40 so unlikely.

Stranger things have happened though, you never know, but resigned myself to it not happening, can’t keep putting myself through the heartache and cancer at 34 has been a BIG wake up call indeed.

hi kat,

you are right in what you are saying, and it is good that you have the attitude you do,

yes I was 33 when I got my original diagnosis, couldnt believe it, but what can you do, you have to get on with things dont you?,

I honestly think that it makes you a stronger, wiser person, not that thats any consilation but what the heck…

I started an early menopause because of the first lot of chemo I had, this started with VERY heavy bleeding similar to that you have had, then it stopped and I didnt have a period for ages, then I started bleeding VERY heavy again and this time it didnt stop for about 4 months when I went to my gp he referred me to a gynae and I ended up having an endometrial ablation that was about 2 years ago and I havent had a period since,

of course I couldnt risk getting pregnant, not that I would be able to now because I think I have gone through the menopause pretty much,
but I would ask if you arent too sure and definately mention it to your onc, before your next lot of chemo, also because you may become anaemic too.

love and best wishes Liz xxx