why is everyone in my family more scared than me

Well i found my lump last tuesday. went to the doctor on thursday who was worried about the skin tethering, and i now have a one stop appointment next thursday(so do not need to go private–big money saver) i was all prepared to go by myself, but when i told my daughter she insisted that she came down with the baby and if she did not come with me would stay at home to give my husband support.

my husband came home from a trip today and I told him. Much to my amazement he insisted he came to the hospital with me. So there is going to be a whole bunch of us going along. What was going to be a quiet little check up is turning into a bit of three ring circus. whats more that made me feel I aught to ring my sons up and tell them we were going. I know it is nice to have support,and I know this might turn out to be serious, but from the look on everyones face it looks as if everyone is predicting the worse and there is only me thinking it could go either way.

Sorry to hear you’ve had to join us on here. I’m sure all of your family mean well, we’ve all been there. I hope all goes well for you and that you get good news on Thursday.

Best Wishes, we’re hear to talk to if you need anyone

Isabelle xxx

Hi oldandlumpy…love the name! My family was the same and I think you should take all the support you can get as they obviously love you and are worried about your outcome. Sometimes people hear the word “cancer” and immediately fear the worst,as my youngest daughter did, but this is not always the case,as I’m sure you know.

I was ready to go to my appointments on my own but my husband insisted on being with me for the results and one daughter came with me for the needle thing before the operation. Looking back I am so glad they were there. Let your family be involved,they will be a great support. Best wishes for Thursday.

Hi OaL,

Welcome the support. You can all celebrate good news and if it’s not, you will be glad someone else is there to help you take things in and hold your hand.
Hope you get good news - let us know how you get on.

Stella xx

Hi OaL

I found my lump on 27th March. The ‘needle thingy’ was 13th April. I had a Right Breast Mastectomy on 10th May.

My daughter lives 200 miles away and has admitted that she broke down after my call to her (she was bloody good on the phone)Husband’s comment was ‘could he choose my new size?’ (the reconstruction) then snapped at me when I said it wasnt necessary to take time off work just for me. My stepson just called me a ‘stubborn cow’ who wouldnt let anything like this beat me. (Iam proud of that title)

From the start I was certain I would beat this.

I went off and started a Facebook profile that I updated regularly and got so much support from people I have never met.

Deal with this however you feel happy and let everyone else deal with it their way.

Keep positive, I you are going to get cancer then Breast Cancer is the best cancer to get as it is so easily cleared.

I hope you are not following my route but I have found that the worry is worse than the process. I am 7 days post surgery and feeling fantastic.

Good luck with the rest of your process.

Get one of them to take notes. If it’s good news this won’t be needed, but if it’s not so good, even if it’s not cancer, it can be hard to take in and remember what was said and it’s good to have something written down.

A word of warning: I don’t know what the clinics are like where you are, but I would seriously discourage anyone from bringing a baby or small child to the ones I go to. There are often long waits in crowded conditions. If there is shopping or a nice place for a walk near yours, that might be a good option, or perhaps she could get a meal ready for when you return home.


yes you are right, it is no place for a baby. today when i looked in the mirror the skin tethering has almost disappeared and a slight yellow bruise is there. I announced to the family that this looked more like tissue damage than a tumor. They seem to be taking notice and now it is just my husband coming—just in case