Why me? Why not me?

People asked me my initial reactions.

  1. Did you immediately think you were going to die?  No, I thought ‘how bloody inconvenient’.
  2. Were you angry? No, I guess I beleive in Karma, I am not perfect, and I have judged others when they have faced health challenges.
  3. Did you think ‘Why me?’ No, I thought ‘Why not me?’  I’m not special.  I have it alot easier than many other women facing the same diagnosis.  Why shouldn’t it be me’ Why not me.jpg

I think they say that 1 out of every 7 women will get bc …so I think …well that’s 6 others that have escaped it …maybe young ones with families etc.

Jules, my initial thoughts were very similar to yours…and I felt lucky that mine was at an early stage and (hopefully) relatively easy to see-off. I hope you are doing well? Are you in the midst of treatment or have you finished? xx