Why no advice for weight loss?

I was diag in oct 2006. At that time I was a little over weight but found it impossible to diet and exercise while going through all the treatment. So I put on about 2 stone making me 3 stone overweight.

Not 1 professional ever suggested I lose weight, even though my BC is hormone receptive, and apparently being overweight can make the body produce more oestrogen.

Recently I have got my head around the fact that I may not die of this illness, at least not in the near future, and realised I needed to lose weight as a matter of urgency for the sake of my long term health.

I have virtually stopped drinking alcohol too. The result is I am losing weight, exercising and getting fit. I am already much happier with my body shape and so my self esteem is improving.

Why didn’t I get support for this during my visits to hosp with knee pain, general bone pain and other ailments? My aches and pains are so much better (less!) and I have far fewer hot flushes.

I hope I never go back to that weight, and that I can continue to reach my goal and lose another 2 stone, but what is it with our doctors and nurses, why can’t they just say ‘If you lose weight your knee wont hurt’! etc etc


I was a bit overweight when I was diagnosed, although not what I would call huge at 5ft 2 and a size 14. Whilst I was careful with my diet during treatment I did put on about a stone on Taxotere as I had severe fatigue, joint pains and was very inactive. I managed to lost that stone after I finished chemo. When I was discharged from oncology last year I was advised it was better to try to keep to a healthy weight and at the moment I’m cutting as much unnecessary stuff from my diet as I can. I might have a couple of glasses of wine at the weekends, but not every weekend and I never touch alcohol during the week. Since Christmas I’ve lost about half a stone and I aim to start walking when the weather is warmer as I’ve got a lovely park nearby. I joined a yoga class year and I’m starting to look a bit more supple and have better posture as well.

Hi Cherub

I too have joined a Pilates class, I love it! It is quite hard but only in short bursts so doable. I hope I can continue to reduce my size and have the will power to keep the weight off too!


I have often wondered about this, too. The only breast cancer patient I know of who was advised to lose weight had come down with type II diabetes as a result of gaining weight after breast cancer treatment, yet scientists have being overweight to all sorts of BC survivor problems, including lymphoedema and fatigue.