Why treatment so long ???

Hi to all

A really silly thought I suppose but having spoken and heard of people dealing with other forms of cancer it seams breast cancer is the only one where treatment just goes on. At least for 5 years! Other forms you have the lump removed or the tissue which is affected and Radiotherapy and that seams to be it. Except for those who are dealing with bone or blood related cancers.

I read somewhere if you were to get cancer having breast cancer is the best one, but I bet it was a bloody man who said that one!!

I just feel that it just never ends, though I know I am not alone on that one. you take a tablet and that gives you another problem so you take something to combat that. I have been trying to look at my life further on and how am I going to feel in 10 years time, when I feel 90 cause my joints hurt. Does anyone know if the joints pains from Tamoxifen can cause long term damage??

I suppose I have rattled on a bit but my head is very muggy at present !!

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Well, Sue, I don’t know if the person who said that was a man but they were certainly misinformed. If you are going to get cancer then statistically the best type to get is a certain type of malignant melanoma which is almost always curable (in excess of 95%). Next, I think, is testicular cancer, then breast cancer in terms of 5 and 10 year survival.

Cancers which happen on the outside of the body tend to have a better survival rate because early detection is easier.

I don’t know why breast cancer treatment is so long compared to some other cancers, although my friend’s aunt had bowel cancer and I seem to remember her treatment being quite long, too. She had a colostomy bag for some time after chemo ended and then needed surgery to reverse the procedure. Once that was all over, though, that was the end of treatment for her. She gets regular checkups and if she stays clear for 5 years she will be effectively ‘cured’ or as close to it as one can get. I think she’s about 2 years out now.

I hate taking Tamoxifen, too. My joints ache when I get up and today my hip gave way while I was walking down the stairs (luckily I managed to steady myself and didn’t fall.) While I hate it I’m still glad there is something out there to help in my fight against recurrence. I know a lot of triple negative girls are frustrated there is no pill available to them.

What actually worries me the most is what happens when I stop taking Tamoxifen after 5 years. The worst thing about breast cancer for me is that we don’t get that 5 year reprieve. “Up to 20 years” is a timescale that is simply too great for anyone to have to to deal with. How do you stay sane for 20 years? Answers on a postcard…

PS - I know Tamoxifen offers protection against osteoporosis normally associated with the menopause but I don’t know about the joint pains as I’m not entirely sure what causes them.

HI Sue,
i agree with what Lolag has said.
i was under the impression that malignant melinoma was classed as such not breast cancer…not that i think ANY cancer should be classed as ‘the best’’ to get…though i know that this is based on stats re survival rate etc.,…as far as i’m concerned cancer is a very complex disease and very unpredictable.