wide local excision wound

I had a wide local excision 3 weeks ago. The dent is a bit less than I’d feared, although I do feel pretty down about it. The last day or so, the wound/scar itself has started to look a bit wrinkled. I haven’t been recommended to do anything about it. Has anyone been given any advice for this? Can I use a moisturiser or something to try and keep the skin as least as smooth as I can?


The wonder cream that many use is aqueous cream. This is a 500g tub which can be purchased from Sainsburys or Tescos and is £1.99. As well as being a skin cleansing agent it is also an emollient for softening and soothing skin.
I had my op 12 months ago and I am still using the cream. It is also good whilst having RT.
Good luck with your treatment and I am sure there will be others coming through with ideas.

Hugs Marion