Wife back from second excisional

Hi all,

My wife MelanieLH is back from her second excisional and is in good spirits, she is taking full advantage of the running around i’m doing :wink:

Hopefully this will prove that the diagnosed cells are low grade DCIS throughout and not requiring RADS and then we can plan our next step in treatment (bi lat mastectomy and immediate reconstruction)

We had a good chat with the plastic surgeon on Monday and he seems to know his stuff so we are happy that we will be given options

Hi Tonyguy

I am glad to hear there are high spirits around and fingers crossed there is the good news you both want.

Keep running round. I wish I had a husband that knew how to play nurse. My husband tries but he misses the target. When I started my chemo I was really poorly over the weekend, on the Monday he left for work without so much as leaving me a flask and sandwich by the bedside before he left. He said just ring me if you need anything. If I had had the strength I would have phoned for a cup of tea. I don’t think he would have appreciated travelling back 40 miles to make it. Still I put him right when I felt better and subsequent treatments led to better care.

Take care both of you.

hehe I’ve just put a lovley homemade carrot and coriander soup on the go for my lady.

Mind I’m possibly one of the most useless people I know so if I can step up to the nursing challenge any man can.

Phew, My wifes results have come back.

The lump was removed in its entirety with clear margins and confirmed as all low grade DCIS!

theres definite deformity in the extraction area but we have an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon on Monday - woo hoo!

to be honest with the way out luck has gone lately I was dreading the results coming in, I felt like crying when my wife called me to tell me the results

We can now go forward

Hi Tony,

I have been in contact with Mel through the diagnosed on xmas eve thread (we were too, when I say we I mean me and my husband) and havent seen her for a while and was hoping she is ok. Can you please just let her know we were all thinking of her and wishing her good luck.

Really pleased to hear the results were excellent and Congratulations to both of WOO HOO!!! to both of you. Glad to hear the appointment with the plastic surgeon is quick too.

I would really appreciate it if you could pass on the message. Thanks
Shonagh (aka Custard)

Hi Tony

What relief you must both be feeling, congratulations and I good wishes for the appointment with the plastic surgeon on Monday but first have a really good weekend, spoil yourselves!


Thanks for the good wishes, we treated ourselves to a slap up curry at Wetherpoons last night to celebrate(boy do we know how to push the boat out)

We are still going ahead with the mastectomy as far as we know (due to about a quarter of the breast being taken out anyway)

But its a relief they got all the lump and clear margin out

NB I have let Melanie know you are all thinking of her and she’s very touched :slight_smile:

Hi Shonagh

Hubby passed on ure message . I have been lurking to check on how everyone, just not posted in a while. Thanks sooo much for ure kind message and will reply properly on the Xmas Eve thread.


Hi Tony

So glad to hear that your wife is making excellent progress. Your domestic skills put me to shame though!

My wife is back in for a mastectomy tomorrow - not what we were expecting when we went to get the results last week. They didn’t have clear margins and further surgery is the only option.

Coupled with that shock, her mum passed away on Sunday! Things can only get better from here on in!

I’m trying to be positive - we will beat this nasty disease.

Sorry to hear of both of those :frowning:

Hang in there the both of you

Melanie is due to have her mastectomy soon but they told us yesterday that the implants for immediate recon would have to be made/ordered in especially due to her petite body size :frowning: more waiting and no definitve date, making our booked holiday look like a definte cancel

hi tonyguk - just read your post and want to wish you all the best - i hope everything is going well for your wife. has there been further progress ? Husband