Wig help

Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me advice. I have purchased a natural hair wig which cost me a lot of money. But it just does not feel secure on my head and I’m too scared to wear it incase it slips off. I’ve tried adjusting it tighter this makes it worse. I’ve also tried wig tape which did not even stick to my head let alone hold a wig down.

I’m really upset because I wanted to wear it out. I love my scarves but just fancied a change. Has a one got any advice or top tips. I have contacted the shop I bought it from but not heard back yet.

Thanks in advance

Anita, I think you need to go back to the shop and have it adjusted so you feel confident in it, I’m sure they’ll be able to. Maybe it’s a size too big? Mine feels secure and I was out in the wind today!
Hope you’re able to get it sorted especially as you spent a lot of money on it xxx