Wig maintainance!

My wig has gotten very tatty and dry is there anything at all i can do to rejuvenate it or do i just have to buy a new one? Any advice very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi jem, i wash my wig once a week with wig shampoo, and leave overnight to dry, then spray with wig oil. I bought a set of shampoo, rejuvenating oil, hairspray, and wig brush, from the simply wigs website for £19.99 in was the rene of paris range, but they have many other brands.I have put the link below. I have found these keep my wig looking like new. The more i have washed and treated it with the oil, the better it looks and feels like real hair. Hope this helps.

Thanks Sharon! I don’t think i have looked after mine very well at all - i don’t wash it that often!! I have the dimples oil, so do you think i could rescue my wig if i start washing it weekly and spraying it with the oil? Do you spray it with the oil when it is dry or still wet? Sorry for all the questions but i wasn’t given very good advice regarding looking after my wig…I’ve had it for around 5 months now and don’t really want to splash out on another one if i can help it

Hi jem, spray it when its dry, also dont try to brush it until its completely dry.

I use the Revlon shampoo and balsam for wigs, used in cold water and wash inside out. I think the my new hair website has hints and tips for looking after your wig!

i just wash mine about 1x week with ordinary johnsons baby shampoo ( recommended by a my new hair salon its what they use on their wigs )i wash it in cold water condition it and let it dry overnight i tease it into place with my fingers and spray it with hot hair wig conditioner i got with the wig to style it and i wear mine all day everyday since may and its still like new x Julie

I used the Dimple products too, but I noticed on the Trevor Sorbie ‘My New Hair’ website that they recommend fabric conditioner for synthetic wigs … much cheaper! I only wore my wig occassionally so it didn’t get a chance to get tatty.

But, Jem, if your wig is 5 months old and you have been wearing it most of the time, it is probably beyond saving. When I got mine they told me that a synthetic wig has a 4-6 month life and my friend who has alopecia says that she replaces hers three times a year, and as she has been wearing them ful time for last 7 years she is quite an expert. Julie must be doing something right!

My BCN said that if I was still wearing my wig after 6 months I could get another wig prescription, but I really like my short hair.


Thank you so much for all of your advice, very very helpful - i really was given terrible advice as to how to look after my wig!

Jacqui, thank you so much for that little nugget, it appears that i am indeed entitled to a 2nd wig on NHS so i’ve ordered a new one and will make sure i look after that one properly! Thank you, would never have know about that if you hadn’t mentioned it :slight_smile:

So pleased I could help! :slight_smile:

Hi ladies I am having to wear my wig for my wedding as I still don’t have enough hair for extensions (6 months after chemo I’m gutted!) I was wondering if anyone had gotten married wearing a wig? I am so scared I’ll look like a Muppet! Thanks! xx

Oh Lady Victoria,

I am sure that you will not look like a Muppet on your wedding day! Though I do understand that is must be disappointing not to have more hair in time.
Have you considered treating yourself to a new wig and having it styled especially for your wedding day? It may feel a little more special.
Have a wonderful day!
Jacqui x

I did invest in a real Hair Wig but I know it won’t be the same as my own hair, but hopefully I don’t look to silly! :slight_smile:

I did invest in a real Hair Wig but I know it won’t be the same as my own hair, but hopefully I don’t look to silly! :slight_smile: