Wigs? Advice needed please

Hi, Sorry to be ignorant but fairly new to this, I am starting chemo early Feb and like the idea of having a wig just for when im out, Where do you get them? Can you suggest or reccomend as i have very little money and really can´t afford alot, but dont want to look trashy if you understand my meaning. Thanks… Teresa.

Mine was free through the NHS. In my hospital in Bristol the wig lady either comes to see you during first chemo or you go to her for a fitting, whuch is what I did, so that my daughters could help. It is then ordered and you collect it before hair falls out.

Hi Teresa, I got a very good real hair wig from E-Bay. It was so natural even my friends couldn’t tell it wasn’t my own hair. It came from the States and only cost about £40, which included the wigstand, postage etc. I wore it every day from half way through chemo when all my hair fell out until about a month after finishing when I’d a great head of short white curls! I sure got my £40’s worth out of it and it’s now in the children’s dressing up box!..The hospital also gave me an NHS one but it didn’t look natural,wasn’t made from real hair and I never wore it.
Josie x

Hi there
I found a shop near to where i live which does wigs amongst other things. It was quite expensive, but it is the exact colour of my old hair and i am going to have it cut to suit my face better.
Sometimes your breast nurse can recommend good wig shops in the area, or you could try online, wigstoreuk.co.uk/ have a whole range of wigs, or just google wigs and see what comes up.

Good luck with your search!

Naz x

wigs from NHS are only free if you are on certain benefits.I bought mine for £30 from small wig shop(carribean lady runs it in leicester)has been great, not many people know its a wig.Macmillan and cancer care also offer help. Good luck.boatgirl x

My wig was free and I’m not on benefits. My oncologist gave me a letter to take to a local wig shop or they came to the hospital on certain days of the week.

Boatgirl, is that true?

I live in Wales, and was told to contact the hospital’s approved wig seller. He could have given me two from his normal range on the NHS ‘voucher’ but in the end we went for one more expensive one. I have no idea how much the voucher is worth, but I didn’t have to pay anything except a tenner for the polystyrene ‘head’ to keep it on.

I have this one: internetwigs.com/sentoo-wigs/suna-wig-sentoo-wigs.html

Maybe every hospital is different?


this may help you.

I got a synthetic wig for free as I am in receipt of a qualifying benefit and it’s great,nobody can tell it’s a wig, even my mum was unsure. I tried lots of different ones on in the shop, all of which would’ve been free for me. I’ve since looked online and the wig I got costs at least £180 to buy.

Many thanks to all, it seems to depend on where you live by all of your comments, my problem is I live in Spain, so not sure of the system here, although I dont know of anyone being offered free wigs out here, I will check out all of your suggestions. Thanks, Teresa.x

Hi Muffet

I got a great wig for £15 from Wigbank and did it entirely by e-mail. You can find Wigbank if you Google it.

Anyone who has finished with their wig may like to know that Wigbank welcomes the donation of second hand wigs. All the proceeds go to Maggie’s centre.

Best wishes
Anthi x

Hi I got a great wig on NHS nad I am also not on benefits mine was Rene of Paris brand checked it out and would have cost £180 was told by wig lady that if I needed another after a few months I would get another free. I did also buy a couple from E-BAY one looked so wiggy i couldnt wear it the other i think once belonged to Tina Turner so kept it for fancy dress. Finished chemo in may and am ready four my fourth haircut my hair has grown like wildfire but grey and wirey so need to keep it short. good luck take care kittyx

Hi, I had breastcancer 3 years ago and received treatment in fife, Scotland. I was given a voucher by the NHS and was able to get a Revlon wig free of charge. Turned out I didnt wear it felt more comfy in hats and scarves but handed it in to my local maggies centre.

Hi, it must be a regional thing about charging for wigs or not. I have been told that if I do not get the right benefits and therefore do not qualify for a free wig then I will have to pay £60 for a wig up to the value of £89, and anything over that I pay for myself.

Anthi, how easy was it to get a wig from the wigbank? Did you go to one of their centres to try on a wig to make sure it was alright. I do not live near one and am not sure how easy it would be to get one to fit.

I also got my wig free at the Bristol centre. Was referred as soon as I knew I was having chemo, had the fitting and the wig was delivered before my hair fell out. Its a great service and I assummed this was the norm across the country, but obviously not. can you check with our Onc nurse about this, she must come across this all the time.
Dont know where you live, but there is a salon in Weston Super Mare called Front Line Styles who do a very good wig service.
Also, for headwear, have a look at randrconfidence.co.uk they do some lovely little hats, I’ve got 4 and wear them all the time as my head gets too hot in the wigs.
Love jane


Very vain question, but wondered if anyone knows how to get the fringe on a wig to lie flat??

Had my wig restyled by a lady who has been on the Trevor Sorbie training courses and she did a lovely job of thinning it out to make it look more natural. Problem is the fringe is tends to stick out and not lie flat. Been back to lady but still looks crap.

Maybe just have to get used to it but just thought I would ask the question.

anne xx

Hi Anne,

I am a mobile hairdresser and since returning to work I have taken a part time position in a wig shop near me…It’s actually the girl who supplied my second wig who’s taken me on…I have been training since November and have found my experience of hair loss a great help when dealing with clients…The general rule of thumb when trimming wigs is “less is more” mainly because of the way each weft is attached to the wig. If it is trimmed too much then the “hair” looses it’s shape and direction and tends to stick out…fringes are bad for this!! since the problem of too much being cut off can happen, I would suggest trying to get wig wax or spray gel to try and encourage it to lie flat. (Google dimples) I think they sell it online, Or maybe the shop where you got your wig has it because we sell it. Do not put any kind of heated appliance near a wig as it will only melt.

Hope this helps

Fiona xxx

Thanks Fiona, think I will go back to my original supplier and see what they can do.

Thanks again, Anne

I’m in Cambridgeshire, and bought a wig through the NHS costing £60. I was referred just before my own hair started thinning. I’m using the cold cap and didn’t buy the wig straight away as wanted to wait and see how successful that would be. Unfortunately, I have a bald patch at top of head so had to get husband to collect the wig a couple of days ago (I was still groggy from chemo to go myself). The fringe needs trimming though and it tends to look a bit too bouffant at the back of the head making it look wiggy to me so will be going back to get it sorted.


I’m 18 months out from chemo but had a free wig from Christies (Manchester) and wasn’t on benefits. I hated it! Bought one off ebay which ended in up in the grandkids toy box. I was totally fed up. Came across Contrast Wig Studio web site and bought one from there (about £70). Absolutely loved it. Wore it every day and now it’s in my hospital bag on top of the wardrobe (which I won’t throw out just in case…) The wig was so natural and moved like normal hair.

Have a look at the website. You won’t be disappointed.

Mal x

PS I now have a lovely sleek bob! All natural.

Hi How awful is the prospect of your hair falling out! I started on MM chemo which is not usually noted for hair loss. After 3 sessions I had to change to FEC which can/ does cause hair loss. Having no control over anything else in my life I decide I would try the wig route. Had 1 FEC so far ( still got hair, but used cold cap) and bought a wig at Trendco. in London. The young women there was great and so helpful the whole potentially painful process was made a lot better. Locally I was give a prescription for £60 off the price of a wig but had to use the supplier who had a contract with my treatment centre and she was unable due to family reasons to give me an appointment.So I have paid the full price minus vat.I have booked an appointment with my own hairdresser who is coming to my house in 10 days time to cut/shave off what is left. I feel that I can’t handle loosing my hair gradually ( if that is what happens) and would rather get rid of it myself. Any one else done this? Any thoughts? I just want my own hair for another week as I have job interview coming up.Libby 2010