Wigs & hairspray

Can anyone recommend a good hairspray/fixing spray/styling spray suitable for wigs, that won’t leave a build-up over time or a sticky mess??!! Need something in this windy weather!
Thank you!

Hello Dugsy, have you asked your wig shop/supplier?

I had a spray gel with the brand Dimples. Alas I never coped with my wig so didn’t got to use it, but the wig shop said it was really good. I think it was about £5 for a bottle about the same size as Mr Muscle type sprays.

Hope you find something that works well

My hairdresser/wig fitter used Elnett hairspray on mine so I bought a can of it too and it brushes out really well.

I have a hairspray specifically for wigs, I got it on the internet but you maybe able to get it from wig shops. Below is the link

Thanks Ladies - was told about Elnett & have got some of that, but think I’ll also try & get some of the Dimple via the Internet. Thanks for the link patsyw.

Dugsy x

I also have a special hairspray for wigs but have gone bag to my old one I used on my natural hair as the other one hasn’t much hold. The old hairspray brushes out. xxx

My wig fitter said that Elnett is good because it brushes out really well and doesn’t leave a residue.


Can anyone tell me what they wash the hairnets that go under the wigs with please. Ive been told I should wash it every day. Wondering whether to use shampoo or what.

Thank you.