Do the nhs give you a wig if you lose your hair with chemo?

Yes. You should get a prescription to use at your cancer hospital or a nominated shop.

Deb x

Yes, and no! It depends where you live whether it’s free or subsidised. You’ll get a prescription to take somewhere… I had to contribute £60 towards it, but it’s a good wig and looks fantastic. YOur BCN will have all the details if you give her a ring…

It really is a bit of a lottery. My hospital gives a voucher but you can only use it at one of two shops and then only for NHS approved wigs, some of which were just dire and you still had to pay 60 quid towards it!

Another hospital in the same county but different trust provides a voucher for over £100 (sorry can’t remember exactly) which is redeemable in about 7 or 8 different places with no further contribution required.

I got a posh wig from a local salon that’s part of Trevor Sorbie’s My New Hair scheme (mynewhair.org) which was pricey but I’m glad I have something for when I want to glam up a bit. My day to day wig I purchased from wigstoreuk.co.uk and it’s absolutely brilliant.

I didn’t get a voucher or anything but I’m in a Hospital Fund (Simply Health) so I got some refunded as ‘medical apparel’. The wig I chose was only £85 with the VAT off and I got £50 refunded.

That’s from a private wig shop recommended by the BCN, not a NHS place. I didn’t want to pay a lot as summer isn’t the best time to wear what is effectively a big furry hat and I therefore knew it wouldn’t get much use.

Still getting on great with my Rene Amore wigs - they’re fully ventilated and I don’t get hot or itchy, even with the wig cap (like a mini stocking) under it. And people really can’t tell them apart from real hair most of the time, which is even better.
Ann x

Thank you very much!