Hi , I am starting my chemotherapy next week and am very worried about my hair going just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on wigs


Hi Tiny1,
Your chemo dept should be able to give you local stockists for wigs, or some hospitals have a ‘wig lady’ who comes to the hospital or your house. You should be able to get a voucher for your first wig.

I am based in Nottingham and went to a really nice guy who has a little private salon, appointment only and he was really sensitive. I bought my second wig from Hot Hair, nice wig, but staff weren’t as considerate. My first wig was similar to my normal hair, just a bit blonder, my second was a total contrast, a brunette bob.

The advantage of the weather getting colder is that it won’t be too warm for wearing wigs anymore. I would advise getting your wig soon, as most people say that their hair falls out about 14 days after 1st chemo.

There is some info about wigs in the booklet on this site.

Hope this helps if you have any more questions just ask.


Hello Tiny 1. Yes your hair will probably come out after 10 days or so. Mine all came out in one weekend and I pulled most of it off myself. It is very strange to see your own scalp and not quite so upsetting as you may imagine. I was given a wig at the hospital beforehand and it was free up to £120. I have been very pleased with it and am finding it hard to let go of it as I have grown out completely grey. Best of luck with your chemo, it doesn’t hurt going in and you’ll soon see the end of it. Be prepared for waiting so take a chatty person with you, books are OK but are not so diverting.
All the best, Frances xx

Hi as well as the “expensive wig” that you will get have a look on ebay, I have purchased 3 from china and I have to say I found them to be good, they are inexpensive around £20 including postage and as my hair has still not come back almost 18 months later looks like I will continue using them.

Day to day I wear a long one which I put up in a clip I feel it looks real and no one has ever disagreed. I have also had a Cherry red bob, and a brown bob. I never liked scarves but did have a number of hats last winter.

Wigs are very fashionable so loads of choice available and I really don’t mind wearing a wig anymore, it certainly speeds things up in the morning for me!!