((wii fit on chemo ))

hello anyone know if its ok to use wii fit on chemo want to lose some weight ?

I use mine-I didn’t even think to ask if it would be ok. What makes you feel you shouldn’t use it?

hello elained im not sure if its ok to try to lose weight when on chemo all the onc says is take it easy and eat better well im doing that so dont know ??? would like to feel abit fiter not go mad like just want to know if anyone is useing it.and how they are geting on with it .

It’s certainly not a good idea to try and lose weght while on chemo-but there’s no reason not to use the wii to maintain/improve fitness levels. It may also help you shed a few pounds-which would be ok. I think what your onc means, is -don’t try to diet.

I mainly use mine in the winter/damper weather. I have mets to the pleura, and find that damp weather hurts my lungs, and so I tend to walk less than normal-so I then increase the use of the wii to compensate.

It’s good to aim to stay as well/fit as possible while undergoing chemo. “Take it easy” is fine up to a point-but doing some moderate exercise is good-and this is where the wii can be really useful as you can adapt it to your own specific needs. I actually find I feel better the more active I am-on days when I’ve done little I tend to feel more lethargic-and in fact the pain levels increase too. As I’m on treatment for life, then exercise and fitness are important to me-so I wish you well, and hope you can use the wii to help you through this difficult time.Don’t push yourself too hard-just do as much as you feel you can without over exerting yourself. I think you’ll be pleased with the results you get!

Hey Billiegirl

I used my wii fit throughout my chemo & also used my cross trainer. Neither stopped me putting on 2 stone but they did make me feel better.

I finished chemo in February & the chemo weight has literally just fallen off!


Interesting about excercise, i have one of those “vibrating” machines you just stand on and it does the work for you… Dont have a clue about whether i should be using this or not dont want to "rumble " things up. anyone have any idea?

Anne x

Anyone know about this vibrating machine?

hello annabel
sorry i dont know about that im just going to use the wii fit but take it easy try and google it .

tahnk you ladys for the information