Will be having my first chemo next week !!! SCARED

Hello to everyone , just new here had diagnosed with the breast cancer ,I done all the test, and in a few days will be having my first chemo ,really scared ,worries me a lot what wil happen , please share some experience with me ,thanks

best wishes for your first chemo - it is a scary prospect as you don’t know what to expect.  First they will take bloods to ensure your white cell count is OK.  I had a lovely nurse who asked me how I was feeling (emotional) so she whipped the screens around my little chemo booth to afford some privacy.  She put a cannula in the back of my hand then attached a drip and started to administer the chemo manually.  This took about 1 hour and she chatted to me all the while.  She really put me at ease, I trust yours will do likewise.  There was room in there for my husband who was a great support.  The chemo felt a little cold as it went in (they store them in the fridge).  The first few days afterwards I was fine - the steroids they give you help with that.


Everyone reacts differently to the chemo and my symptoms won’t necessarily be the same as yours, but one thing to say is that they are manageable and they don’t go on for ever.  Talk to your breast care nurse and you will be given a hotline number to talk to trained nurses night or day if you are worried about your symptoms.  Once again, best wishes for your first and subsequent sessions



Please don’t be scared, I know it is easier said than done. I have just had my second chemo this week and to be honest this one has hit me harder than the first. I now use my anti sickness tablets which I didn’t have to do first time. My appetite is gone so I have to force feed myself to keep my strength up, just eat what you fancy. Sadly your taste buds go but for me they did return four days before my second session so I made the most of eating all the things I liked. All the nurses at my hospital are fantastic, so hard working and nothing is to much trouble. My hair started falling out two weeks after my first session, it was a relief as it became very uncomfortable as another member told me it was just like when you were a child and your mum tied your hair really tight in a ponytail for school. This helped me realise that my hair was about to fall out. I had shoulder length hair and it started to fall out in handfuls in the shower so I decided to cut it to ear length and then two days later more fell out so I called myself and then warned my husband and son what to expect but when my lovely husband came home from work he tided it up for me with his hair flippers. Now though I only have tiny patches left but each day it falls out so any day now it will all be gone. I have lovely wig to wear and some nice head scarves.
It is hard but you are not alone, this forum is fantastic and everyone is so supportive.
Good luck.

Hello, can I join in? I will be having my first chemo either next week or week after. Feeling very apprehensive but maybe the waiting is the worst bit.  Just want to get started and get the chemo working on this horrible cancer that dares to be in my body!  Didn’t think I’d be worried about losing my hair (it’s quite short anyway) but actually, when it comes to it, I am incredibly nervous about it…not sure why. Would love to follow the progress of others who are starting chemo in August. Thanks!

Hi, I started chemo on tue. I’ve a triple negative bc, having chemo in the hope it’ll shrink my grade 3 tumour for a lumpectomy then rads. My lymph nodes carried cells too so they’ll be whipped out also. I’m emotional, scared but the chemo wasn’t too bad. Felt sick but the pills work! Just tired and feel like stone really - very odd all this!

Thank you so much for the up lifting ,kind message, you all had shared with me , although sometimes make me brave ,sometimes make me low , I’m pretty sure we will fight this battle, all we need is to be strong and be positive ,??? thanks to u all ,

An and Jake welcome to the Forum.In the going through treatment section of the Forum there is a Chemotherapy section and they have monthly threads where people going through chemo at same time( and others) can support each other .