will I be able to wear my prosthesis?

I start rads on Mon 14th, have had 6xFEC, finshed in Sept, plus mastectomy & lymph node removal in Nov, plus on Tamoxifen. I am quite fair skinned & have be warned I will burn. Thing is, the rads guy said I probably wont be able to wear a bra. That means I cant wear my falsie… I’ve only just got used to it but now I feel I’ll have to stay indoors til I’ve healed from the rads, I don’t like going out lopsided. How have other pale ladies got on? Am I worrying unneccessarily?
Mand x

Hi Mand,
I didn’t have a mastectomy, but did have rads and was ticked off for weariing a bra - I’m VERY pale skinned and freckly, so a couple of (hopefully) helpful things…i used lashings of cream, so much, when they tried to write on me, the pen slid off and…although my nipple got sore and i had a lovely red square area, i didn’t actually burn. Also, as i worked during that part of the treatment and didn;t want to be too droopy…i wore one of those M & S hidden support vests, maybe your falsie will fit in one of those?


I was unable to wear my bras and falsie with my treatment as I burnt quite quickly, and I am still unable to wear it even though my treatment finnished two weeks ago. But everybody is different. I was told to wear loose clothes preferably in natural fibres i.e cotton silk etc. Which I have found helpful. But everybody is different only you will know wether it is comfy to wear or not. Sorry not much help really.

I was told at radiotherapy planning that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear my prosthesis and I too was very worried about it. Yesterday I completed my 15 rads and fortunately have no redness, burns or soreness, though apparently, I’m not out of the woods yet, as I will continue to “cook” for 2 weeks!

I know that everyone is different, with some people getting sore even after the first treatment and others getting no reaction at all. But I’ve been lucky and have been able to wear my normal (in my case underwired) pocketed mastectomy bras and prosthesis, with no discomfort at all.

Hope you treatment is going well Mand, and everyone else who is having rads.


Hi there

Just had 10 out of 15 rads and am now cooking nicely. I have fair skin and it’s sore, red and itchy now. But only just.

I was given gel patches you put in the fridge to place over the area but feel like they have exacerbated the problem tonight. Aloe Vera lotion (and gel apparently) helps.

Cecelia. x

Thanks for your messages, I have no 7 of 15 today, I am getting a bit of a ‘tan’ now but, so far, no itching soreness etc, so fingers crossed! Cecelia, hope the Aloe Vera helps, I read somewhere else that it has to be a 99% AV gel to be effective. Is the rads the last part of your treatment? It is for me ( apart from horrible Tamoxifen) and having the end in sight ( sort of) feels a bit wierd!

Gentle hugs!
Mand x

I too am fair skinned but had no prblems with 20 rads. I used aloe vera gel, 99.9% from Holland & Barrett. I was a little sore by the end, a nurse advised me to put a cotton hankie between my skin & bra/prosthesis, and so I did that for a week after rads.

The gel has to be 99% not to be effective, but to make sure that there are no impurities in it which will irritate your skin.

Hi Mand

I am very fair too but had no problem with 15 rads. Once they finished had about three weeks of a sunburn like patch, but nothing awful. Kept using the aqueous cream throughout and even now. But was able to wear a bra all the time, no problem, and falsie.

Good luck my dear