will I get my waist back after tram flap?

I am 9 weeks post op after a free tram flap recon. I’m very pleased with my new breast, it looks and feels good. Also have a very flat stomach which is also good but my waist is 5 inches bigger than pre op size and I can only wear elasticated waists as nothing else fits me. I’m quite a slim build so a 33inch waist looks and feels a bit odd.
Has anyone else had this problem and if so will it get somewhere back to normal with time. Perhaps I’m just being too impatient, but I don’t want to go out and but new elasticated waisted stuff if not necessary.


Hi Bonny

I had an immediate TRAM recon back in August 06. I just had the muscle taken from one side and this is still aa bit squishy round the waist. I’ve put a bit of weight back on ( I can eat again now - and boy am I) so I think I’ll have to lose it again. If I was the weight I was at my op it would not be too bad - just a little podgier than the other side. Weight gain makes it seem a bit uncomfier - as if you’re aware of wearing a pantygirdle.

Hope this helps

Marilyn X

Hi Bonny,

I had a TRAM flap reconstruction 1yr ago & I remember thinking the same thing. It does take a few months to settle. I think it took about 6 months to get back to my pre op size. I know this must sound like a long time but try to be patient, you’ve recently had major surgery!

Lisa x


Thanks for your help, it looks as if I’ll just have to be patient. Will be glad to get rid of the girdle at the end of the month!

Bonny x