Will it come back

I had stage one breast cancer with one node affected.I had my op in June this year. I have had chemo and just finished Radiotherapy and am now on Letrozole.

My fear is that it will come back. Most days I am positive but then I get a few down days and think the worst. Is there anyone out there that had stage one cancer like me that give me some hope and encouragement.I know there are thousands out there that feel like me but when you are down you always feel you are alone.

Please help



I was DX in March 2010 with early BC. I have all my treatment, and I am now NED no evidence of disease HURRAY.


Yes there is always a chance that it MAY come back but the chance is very slight, so I absolutely refuse to worry. I report any changes eg pain in joints to my clinic, and they always give me an appt to go in for a chat and reassurance.


Worrying is perfectly normal, so don’t beat yourself up, and as you get more information from your clinic you will feel less frantic.


all the best