Will my boobs ever look the same

A question regarding recovery and long term appearance. I am 7 into 23 radiotherapy sessions and the boob having treatment is looking so different to the other happy one. I was expecting the redness and heat but it is very swollen and my nipple has got so much bigger and darker. How long after treatment finshes do things start to calm down or am I destined for pinky and perky never to match again ??

hi artemax,
if it’s any help, I completed 15 fractions in May, apart from the fading blue splodge on the nipple, my boob went back to normal appearance & feel quite quickly. I did notice darkening of freckles etc, but this has now resolved.
ann x

I had radiotherapy a long while ago now, 5 years, and I remember having an effect almost like sun burn / sun tan for a while after; a darker square and darker freckles, but that faded and pretty soon the feel and colour went back to how they had been before. I’d say within weeks everything was pretty much normal, although the odd darker square took a while to go, just as it would if you get odd shaped strap marks while sunbathing.

Hi, it’s 2 1/2 years since I finished 20 sessions of radio and my pinky & perky do not match at all. I had dark nipples and areole but the radio boob is much paler than before, still in 2 minds about tattooing  Also radio shrank my boob one full cup size, but had that fixed with fat transfer, would recommend that if needed. Best of luck