Will my breast ever be soft again??

Does all the scarring inside and out ever fully go or will I always have some firm scar tissue inside my breast? At the end of the surface scar, inside, there is a bit of firm tissue about the size of a 2p. I press it from time to time to see if it’s getting smaller, but it doesn’t seem to be.
Maybe I’m being impatient? My surgery (WLE) was in June. Also I just finished rads last week. But I’d still like to have some idea what I might expect to look and feel like in say a years time.

Hi sussex girl,
I had my wle 3 yrs ago and I’mafraid the scar tissue dosn’t go away. i do keep prodding it just to make sure it isn’t changing shape but think it is scar tissue and weare lumbered with it.

I’m 18 months post surgery and although my breast has softened considerably post rads I’m still left with a hard lump at site of scar.I have lymphoedema to the breast so that doesn’t help matters but do think that regular massage has helped my lumpy bit.

Sandra x

Hi Sandra and Caroline
Thanks for your replies. Guess I’ll have to learn to love the lumpy bits then!

My breast went very hard after rads and I found it difficult to self examine. Thankfully 3 years on it has softened again, but there is one very dense bit underneath. I have to watch certain bras on account of the scar tissue as seams can be very irritating.