Will she ever be pain free?

Hi, my mum was dx with breast cancer 3 years ago, she has recently been diagnoised with bone mets and has a collapsed L5, we are awaiting the results of all her scans etc and I’m forcing myself to seem positive as apart from a bad back she looks and feels great. her back is extremely painful, obviously i dont know the full extent of her secondary cancer, but out of curiosity if it is stable and contained to this area will she ever be out of pain as shes currently on morp tabs, which take away the pain but not all of it. any info would be appreciated.thanks.

Dear lucy-ob

I am sorry to hear of your mum’s diagnosis. You may find it helps to give our Helpline a call. They will be able to offer you information and support. The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000. Calls are free and confidential.

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Rads are generally considerewd No 1 for bone mets pain, but presumably while they’re scanning they don’t want to do that. I’d suggest she push for a referral to a palliative pain man, maybe at the hospice, which is a bit off putting but having done it it’s not as bad as you think going there - they’re actually very peaceful places and the staff there have time for you - my pain man is the only one who’s ever gone thru my bone scans with me. He also fine tuned my mediaction so I still had a brain, which morhine can take away, and was pain free.
There is a good bone mets thread on this site which will answer lots of questions for you and no doubt give you some for your onc. Suggest you have a read of that.
If all else fails then surgery is available - ‘our Dawn’ is having some today on her spine having had bone mets for over 10 years and having had increasing pain in the last couple.
Hope this helps a little.


PS My pain man told me that altho bone mets were the most troublesome in terms of pain they were the ‘best’ if you had to have any mets in terms of survival - so take some heart from that too!

Hi Lucy, as Nina said, radiotherapy is usualy very good for treating bone met pain. I had it to L2 when i was first diagnosed two years ago and it virtualy took all my pain away, my disc was partialy collapsed, I have had virtualy no pain from that area since. I just recently had more to my L5 a few weeks ago and i’m hopeful for the same pain relief.
Everyone responds differently to treatment but in most cases it does seem to help with pain reduction. I hope this has been helpful and gives you and your mum some hope.

Best wishes to your mum
Ps check out the bone mets thread, lots of useful stuff there for your mum, some of the women on there have been posting for a very long time, so there is hope.