Will soon be 10 years clear. Keep mooving forward, ladies!

Dear all,

It has been a long time since I have visited this site.  I just wanted to offer some positivity to anyone going through this challenging time.


In January I will be 40.  In March it will be 10 years since my diagnosis of grade three bc.  I have since re - established my career in teaching, I have been there for some major milestones in my 12 year old boy’s life and today I celebrate the 5th birthday of our precious boy, Charlie.  Yes - I have had a baby since cancer!!!


I feel blessed and I feel duty bound on this special day, to offer a story to give you hope in your darkest of days.


Keep the faith!

Much love,


Thank you Claire. That is lovely news and very heartening to those of us (especially Grade 3!) much earlier in our BC ‘journeys’. I’m sure it also gives hope to other young would-be-mums who are worrying about cancer treatments preventing that happening.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy NORMAL :slight_smile: life to offer support and encouragement.

Thanks so much for this, I am 2 yrs post dx, on tamoxifen and zoledex but hoping to come off after 3 years to have a baby as well. Do you mind if I ask what type you had and if in any nodes?? Mine was 28mm er+ pr+ her2- and in 4 nodes.

These sort of stories give me hope on having another baby