Will they be able to make me even??

Hi to everyone. I am having a mastectomy with complete lymph clearance on Friday with a delayed reconstruction. I have big boobs, well soon to be big boob. Now when I go for reconstruction will they be able to match my remaining breast, I am a DD-E depending on the bra. Can the chest expand to that size on the MX side or will I have very different size breasts. I know I am getting ahead of myself here but it is a worry that keeps niggling me. Thanks Stacie

Hi there

There are may ways to reconstruct-implants and expanders are just 2. Dependant on your shape/weight, they may suggest a TRAM/DIEP (See this site for explanations) which use your tummy, sometimes the muscle too.
Id wait to discuss with your surgeon if you want to try to keep your DD size. There are also events offered by BCC about recon.I was at one last week and it was really excellent, with a surgeon there to answer all our questions and piccys too. See if theres one in your area.
Hope all goes well with the mastectomy etc.
Take care-and be kind to yourself on this journey!
Cathie x


I have a C cup, so can’t really answer your question except to say that no PS will leave you lopsided! They will even you up one way or another and you will look great!
I had mx and recon using tummy tissue on 6th July and as I am quite overweight I am sure there would have been enough tissue available to give me an E/F cup :slight_smile:


I’m a AA so my problem is the opposite, but I have friends who are D+ who have been told that they would have to have a reduction on their good side to get a match, so have decided not to have a recon


I’m a D cup (sometimes bigger cup) but depends on make of bra. I had an immediate tram flap recon, the surgeon made me a matching breast which looks so lovely and natural.

I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure they will be able to do the same for you.


I was previously an E cup.
I had mastectomy in April 2007 and delayed DIEP reconstruction in April this year. I am absolutely amazed by the results. It feels so natural and looks fab in a bra and I have a cleavage for the first time in 3 years. However, the reconstructed breast is probably only a C cup. I am going back in August to have reduction and lift on other breast and am very excited. Whatever the results of your reconstruction, please bear in mind that they won’t leave you until you are entirely happy with the results.
Be warned that you may feel very teary and emotional for a few weeks after your reconstruction but this is only natural. I felt very disappointed with the results but now I couldn’t be happier. I think it’s just hormones!
Best wishes.

I was previously an E/F cup and am quite slim so I was worried about whether diep reconstruction would even be possible. I put on a little weigh before the op (about half a stone) and was thinking I’d probably manage a C cup. To be hones, I was quite looking forward to being a bit smaller, especially since I knew I’d have to have my other boob slightly reduced and uplifted. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’ve ended up with an E cup after all, so it is possible with a good PS.

I suppose everyone reacts differently, bit I didn’t feel teary at all after the op. The only way I can describe my feelings would be to say only that I felt calm again for the first time for a very long time. For me, it felt as everything had just slotted back into place.

Good luck - just keep looking forward!